Hiding Scrollbar in Composition Mode - Scrivener for Windows


Is there a possibility to hide or disable the scroll bar in composition mode for Windows like on Mac?


It would be in the same place if there was something, under Appearance: Composition Mode. As you can there is currently only one option provided at the moment.

Not sure how I did it – or if I actually had to do something to get that result -, but in composition mode the scrollbar fades away after 2 seconds for me.

OK I thought so too, there is no option available for that.

Sorry mate. I looked everywhere I could think of – even in the windows settings.
I have no recollection whatsoever as of how I did. (If even I did ; as I said earlier.)

When you move your mouse pointer outside the Editor, the scrollbar will fade to transparent in a few seconds.

In a Theme, you could set the scrollbar for the Composition Mode to transparent, but don’t know if that’s such a good idea…

This is the behavior I’m seeing. Launch Comp mode. Don’t touch anything. After 2 seconds the bottom taskbar slides away. After another 2 seconds the right scrollbar fades away.

There is no Scrivener setting for this, and Scrivener seems to ignore the Windows 10 setting “Automatically hide scroll bars in Windows.”


Ok I understand. I asked, because on Mac to part where the scrollbar was/is does not react to the opacity slider. And my workaround was to hide the scrollbar.
But since I still have the problem that my windows opacity slider is fading the background image instead of the page Scrivener Windows Composition Mode with Background Image: Changing Opacity fades the image instead of the paper
I cannot test your suggestions. But I think one of them is going to work fine for me as soon as the other problem is solved.

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So the other problem was fixed, and as you highlighted in your replies, the scrollbar disappears in 2 seconds. the problem from the mac, that the part of the scrollbar stays in full opacity of the paper does not exist on windows.

Thx for your help.