High DPI Question

I know this question has been asked before, and there are even web pages devoted to fixes, but I was getting conflicting info and wanted to clarify when/if this will be fixed in an update or new version of Scrivener.

First off, just wanted to say I love Scrivener, and this is my only complaint! I have the Mac, iOS, and Windows versions, and bought the Windows version not knowing this was an issue.

When the interface icons are normal-enough-sized to be able to click on, the fonts end up looking jagged and blurry.

If I check off “Disable display scaling on high DPI devices”, then the fonts looks great in Scrivener, but the interface icons become so tiny that they are unusable.

Any news on if this is ever going to be fixed?

I sold my iPad and bought a SurfacePro just for Scrivener!


I have the same problem.

Last time I asked, they told me this issue would only be fixed in Scrivener 3.0 (the Windows version will skip 2.0 so both versions have the same number).

I worked around the problem by using a lower resolution (my screen supports 3200x1800 and I use 1600x900). Works well enough, unless you’re a screenwriter: the Script Mode is still a mess.

Hi, and thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately changing resolution doesn’t work properly on my computer (SurfacePro4), since none of the other available resolutions use the whole screen (it has an atypical aspect ratio), and changing the resolution does mess up other apps.

When they mentioned v3 to you, did they mention an ETA?

I’ve stopped using Scrivner because of this issue, and a few other little niggles. This issue, however, is common across many softwares. I had similar issues with aeon timeline, but I found a fix that sorted out the issue. It may also help with Scrivener. Here’s a link to a Youtube video that shows you what to do: youtube.com/watch?v=UijLRNQ6N7Q I have downloaded the files linked to the video and they work great for me. Hope this helps.
PS, good choice swapping to a Surface pro. I’m on my third Surface and I love it. I started with the RT version and now have a Pro 3. I’m looking forward to the Pro 5, which should be out early next year.

Thanks for the reply. I had tried that method before and it looks like it didn’t change anything. I think the recent Scrivener updates fixed the icon and interface element issues, but not the font issues.

The only option is to turn off the windows scaling for Scrivener and just pump up the zoom factor. This makes the fonts great looking, but then all the interface elements are tiny.

I still love writing on my Mac with Scrivener, but yeah, the Surface is a great device. Whenever I’m away from my desk it’s now my go-to device, and I actually look forward to using it!

I asked, but no. They did not.

They have quite a lot of work here; in order to match up with Mac 3.0, they have to:

  • Upgrade versions of their display library (the old version doesn’t support high-DPI displays), which I expect affects all the fancy display code they’ve written
  • Catch up to everything in the Mac 2.x series of Scrivener (though the Windows versions have some 2.x features)
  • Catch up to whatever is going into the Mac 3.0 version

That’s a lot of changes to the Scrivener code, and although it’s problematic for us end users, it’s a take-it-or-leave-it situation right now. I use a Surface Pro 3 quite a bit, and although the fonts aren’t as sharp and pretty with the display hack they added to the latest version, it’s still quite usable. I just wish they’d do the same for Scapple.

Thanks for the response. Can you post a screenshot of what Scrivener looks like for you. I’m curious if it’s the same, since the fonts for me are too distracting without turning off scaling.

Bumping this thread again as I’m experiencing the same issue:

Yes, the font is great! But the interface icons are too small to be usable, and I’m also unable to slide either of the side panels to resize. Eagerly awaiting an update from the awesome Scrivener team. :slight_smile:

Has anyone had an update on this? This ask was four years ago, and I just downloaded Scrivener today in 2020 and have the exact same issue.

I have a Surface Book 2 that runs Windows 10 and the recommended display resolution is 3000 x 2000.

Initially the app was blurry, and I followed advice from multiple threads to fix this (properties>compatibility>DPI settings>change high DPI settings>override high DPI scaling behaviour).

This fixed the blurriness, but meant that the Toolbar and ‘Inspector’ features/other interface buttons are incredibly small. If I deselect ‘override high DPI scaling behaviour’ and select ‘use this setting to fix scaling problems’ in the same ‘change high DPI settings window’, it fixes the size of the Toolbar and Inspector, but the blurriness returns.

I have tried to adjust the resolution of my screen, but it is not a practical solution and also does not affect the blurriness.

I’ve been very excited to use Scrivener and was keen to buy it, but if this can’t be fixed, I don’t believe the programme is usable for me.

I have attached an image example with the problem areas highlighted.