How can I download RC 21 before March 31st?

Hello all.

For a number of reasons, it has been a while since I last used Scrivener. I see now that Scrivener 3 has finally been released (yay!), but I need some help.

Currently installed on my PC is RC 15, which I can’t run anymore, as it’s been expired since Feb 10, 2021. So, before I uninstall the beta and use the new Scrivener 3, I would like to save (export) my preferences, so I can use them with the new software.

According to this post by MimeticMouton, “Beta Release Candidate 21 expires 31st March 2021,” which means I still have time to export my settings. However, I am having trouble finding RC 21 to download (I can’t seem to find the download link on that page). Would someone kindly point me in the right direction? A link, URL, anything? So that I can export my settings before this final expiry date, and then finally install Scrivener 3 and use my settings.

Failing that, is there any way I can save my preferences without RC 21? Because RC 15 just won’t load. Whenever I double-click it, all I get is a popup window with a warning, telling me it’s expired. Is there a workaround for this?

Thank you so much in advance.

The Scrivener 3 release should use your existing settings.


The best option here I think would be to follow essentially the steps you would with a new RC, but using the official release:

  1. Download the trial version of 3.0.
  2. Without uninstalling your current beta, install the trial, choosing the same location for the installation as your beta (note that the default for the beta was to install to a directory named “Scrivener”, whereas in the release it is “Scrivener3”–so you will probably need to change this to match the location you currently have)
  3. Run the trial and create a new project or open an existing one, then go to File > Options and save your preferences to file via the Manage… button.
  4. Close Scrivener and uninstall it. If any part of the “Scrivener” or “Scrivener3” installation directory remains (as it might do, from having installed over the beta version), delete it.
  5. Reinstall the trial version to whatever location you want.
  6. Return to Options to load your saved preferences.

Uninstalling clears the program settings, which currently are stored in the registry, so this will let you save them but then ensure that you’re working with a clean installation once you get going.