How can I eliminate all these "award" notifications

They get in the way.

Be less enthusiastic? :wink:


In theory Preferences → Interface → Skip new user onboarding tips and badges should mute them.

No such option:

You are looking in the wrong place.

(Forum User) Profile > Preferences > Interface


In your case:


It’s the Discourse developers who think that “gamification” is a good thing with awards, and blink and other nonsense. To my eye it creates the impression that Discourse is unprofessional in appearance; I would not want to have to recommend Discourse to a technical director who lives by the “no one got fired for buying Microsoft” mantra.

Thankfully the L&L instatlation of Discourse doesn’t occasion too many of such childish notifications.

In the way of what? Three of those are anniversary notifications with not a huge amount between!

I’m with pseingalt those badge announcement are distracting and in the way of the important items like the feedback which is lost in amongst all the noise.

I know these are “features” of Discourse but they make every installation of it (20+ for me) feel amateurish and childish.

You’ve got 12 badges, almost all of which would have been earned within the first few weeks of joining the forum. Is that really causing you a noteworthy distraction?


It isn’t the number involved but the puerility of the idea. The developers of Discourse love the idea of gamification which both in name and appearance makes the system look childish.

Those aren’t awards.
Those are notifications.

You can opt not to be notified of likes.
And there is a notification type filter on the right. (You croped it in your screenshot.)

Yeah, wrong screen shot. This is worse.

But what there isn’t is an option to suppress those naff badges.

A true nightmare.
. . . . . . .

Anyways, this chat belongs on the Discourse forum.

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And this doesn’t work?

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Perhaps it only prevents future ones. Not the ones already sent as a notification. (?)

Of course. But the other notifications will take over this list quickly.

I don’t know. All things being relative when compared to the Universe’s life expectancy, “quickly” might take a while if the user manages to have two “anniversary” badges in the same tiny list. (?) :wink: