How do I know what fond I'm using?

And how do I change the font back to the default? Can’t see the font name anywhere on the normal interface. The prefs say it’s Lucinda Grande (I think) but when I change my document back to that, it doesn’t look like the other documents in the project.

Place the cursor in the text that you are curious about and press Cmd-T. The font information should be selected in the three lists as long as you do not have “favourites” selected on the left.

No, that brings up a list of fonts, but doesn’t show me which I’m using.

By the way, what exactly do you mean by “have ‘favourites’ selected on the left”?

What version of the OS are you using? For me, whenever I have the font panel open and click between sections of text with different fonts, it changes to show the current settings. Otherwise, how would you tweak existing settings? If it didn’t update itself based on where the cursor was, you’d have to start from ground-zero every time you made a font change.

You have to have “All Fonts” selected in the Collections column.

Oh, sorry, thought you meant on the left of Scrivener itself.

I’m using MacOS 10.5.6, and Scrivener 1.50.

I’ve even tried clicking into a document in the original preference font (whatever that is) and then going back to the rogue document and changing it to what that font allegedly is; the font looks completely different, though, and is obviously not the same font.

I’ve searched all through my version of scrivener and i don’t seem to have any. Can you please tell me… what exactly is a fond?

The word is font, not fond.
A font is a type-set of one particular face and size.
Examples: Courier 10 12 14 16 18; Palatino 10 12 14 16 18.
To bring up the Font panel in Scrivener, type Cmd-T
Select some text in Scrivener, then in the panel, select
Collections: Typeface: Size and watch how the text font changes.
If you’re trying to create a default style, do that through
Scrivener: Preferences: Text Editing: Set Font

So it is, Druid, and if you’ll read the postings rather than the subject line, you’ll see that I’ve used ‘font’ at all times; it was a mistype.

What do you mean by ‘select Collections: Typeface: Size’? I can’t see how to do that. The dialogue box has headings that say ‘Collections’, ‘Family’, ‘Typeface’, ‘Size’, but these are headings and not selectable.

I’m not trying to create a default font style, but to return (in this document) to the existing default. Can anyone tell me what the default typeface and size are?

If you select from the menu, Convert formatting to default style, all of the documents selected will have their formatting converted to whatever you have set up in the preferences as the style for new documents.

This is non-reversible and if you have any other formatting (blockquotes, italics, whatever) those will be lost.

And druid meant to select an item in each of those lists, not the header, to have the chosen setting applied to your selected text.

Thanks, thanks, thanks, Janra - this worked.

I still don’t know what the default font is. When I press command-t the dialogue box seems to be saying that I’m using MS Reference Sans Serif Regular 13pt - but if I actually select a word and apply that formatting, it is obviously a different font.

Ah, I understand what Druid meant now; however, I wasn’t looking for a way to format the text - that’s obvious - but to see what font is in use (still a mystery).

Try a little test. With the font dialogue open and a document with a few different faces/sizes/whatever applied in different places, click on the text. When you click in different font styles, the dialogue should update itself to reflect what is there.

Does it do that, or does it do something else?

If it does update to show you what the font face is, then create a new document, click in the text area, and check the dialogue. It should show you the default font.

If it doesn’t update, then something strange is going on! In this case, try the same test in TextEdit; if you get the same result it’s not Scrivener’s fault. (Scriv uses the same text/font system as TextEdit.)

Sorry, I was responding to the note from ceepee, who I now realize was being cute, at our expense. Hope that by now you have resolved the font problem.

Can you make a screen grab of the font that shows as default? Then upload it here and others will probably recognize it.

Grab is in your Applications: Utilities folder. Launch it, Choose Capture: Window, then click on the window you want to capture.

Save the file with a name, then upload it to the forum.

Here it is.

Oh wait, here it isn’t. I got a notice saying “The extension tiff is not allowed” from the forum posting box.

Saved it as a PDF… trying again.
Whatfont.pdf (103 KB)

I’m not really a good judge of these things, but it looks like Scrivener’s default, Optima, to me.

Ah! That’s what I was asking - what is Scrivener’s default. Thanks, Matt.

The other question was whether it was possible to get Scrivener to tell me what font it was using at any given point; that’s still a mystery.

Try Text > Font > Show Fonts, then look in the panel under Collections and click on Recently Used.


Doesn’t work, Hugh. That’s what I started out with, and the box was empty. I started trying to change the font to various possibilities, and they then appeared in the box. Odd.

Sometimes when I open that box I find that instead of “All fonts” being selected under “Collections”, a specific collection is selected. If that collection doesn’t contain the current font, then it won’t show you which one you are using. Could this be the case?

2.0 has an optional Pages-style format bar, so it will always be easy to see which font you are using if you have it open.

All the best,

Ah, I’ll wait for version 2.0, which will solve that problem. Thanks!