How to actually get in touch with L&L?

I’ve lost my password for Scrivener. Over the past half year or so, I have reached out to Literature and Latte three times to ask them to help me regain access. These messages included my license code. Even so, the folks over at L&L appear unwilling to deign me with any sort of reply. I feel this is very customer-unfriendly behavior, bordering on the unethical. I paid good money for this software, and I think I am making a perfectly reasonable request. Does anybody have tips on how to actually get in touch with them?

I’ve checked the help ticket queue, but we have not received any help requests sent by the email address you’re using here on the forum.

Please use the email links at the bottom of our contact us page to submit a help request.

You’ll know your request was successfully received when you receive the auto-reply email confirming receipt.

And check your spam box because the reply may come through tenderapp, not literatureandlatte.


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There’s always something new to learn here. I’m using Scrivener for years now and had no idea Scrivener has a password feature. :thinking: What is it supposed to do?

I think, like me, you are using the Mac Store version. I would love to be able to password-protect a project - or maybe the Scrivener app itself.

This isn’t possible, due to the structure of the Scrivener project.

Since Scrivener uses a container file format, anyone wanting to get around the password protection could use a Finder to locate the .scriv folder. Accessing its contents is as easy as right-clicking and telling the Mac to “Show Package Contents.”

As has been noted on the forum before, you can have your Mac encrypt the volume where the projects are stored and safeguard your materials that way, though.

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Since backups are zip-files, and zip-files can be pasword-protected, can a Scrivener backup be protected by a password?

A quick check of the interwebs indicates a Win user would need a third-party tool to do that. Supposedly, WinRAR and 7-Zip can. Also the usual candidates like VeraCrypt and so on.

On a Mac using Apple Silicon chips, the user has the option to password-protect the entire hard drive using Apple’s FileVault. Or, the DiskUtility on the Mac can be used selectively, according to Apple.

(Edited to add:) I’ve not attempted to actually password-protect a ZIP on either platform, so I can’t speak to specifics on the steps required.

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macOS provides the program “zip” which is available in the terminal with a lot of options, including encryption.

Inside a terminal session “man zip” will show the instructions and options. Or online at:

Not from within Scrivener. That is, there’s no option to encrypt the ZIP backups that Scrivener creates.

So, what could this mysterious Scrivener password be? It’s not the license code, that OP is in possession of that.

If they were checking back on their original post, maybe we could ask them.

Next best guess is forum password, but they clearly have that.

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