How to add an image to a forum post

I see the “Img” choice in the header when entering text, but when I select it, some sort of html prompt comes up. For techies, I suppose that tells you exactly what to do.

But for this old Wisconsin pig farmer, it means nothing.

I just want to be able to select and insert a small screenshot I have taken. Can you explain the task in a language one of my more educated pigs would understand? I could then get her to help me understand.

Thanks so much.

When you click Reply and the Post-a-reply window opens, beneath it there is a choice between Options and Attachments. Click on Attachments and Add files, and simply choose what picture to add.

When writing a message (this is on a Mac), if you can see the forum window where you type as well as the place where your image is stored on your computer, you should be able to drag the image on to message and drop it so that it becomes an attachment.

If you want the attachment to appear inline (as above), scroll to the Attachments option below the posting area, find the image, and select Place Inline.

Lunk and I must have been replying at the same time. You’ve got a couple of options.

Thank you so much…You’ve made my day. May I send you a little token of my gratitude?

Wow, I’m on the pig’s back now. Thanks to you both. I really like the drag and drop ability.