How to change the font color in Binder and interface?


Is there any way to change the font color in the Binder and general interface? I’m trying to customize the look of my Scrivener 3 (for Windows) project but it’s quite hard since there seem to be only so much you can do when it comes to Themes. To expand my question, how can I change color of the interface ribbons, icons etc.? For example, I really like the “Mellow Yellow” theme but the yellow is so bright it’s hurting my eyes even when I set brightness of my monitor to low (which is the same with all of the “dark themes” in Scrivener). I would like to make it much less contrasting color but I have no idea how.

Thanks for any help!

I have a Section in my upcoming book Mastering Scrivener telling you exactly how. For now there are two posts that I learned it from… Essentially, the .scrtheme file is a Zip with four files. One of them is a .pal Palette file, containing color codes for the UI. Other colors are defined in the .QSS Stylesheet.

Here are all the Themes: