How to format tables properly in compile?

Hi there,

I am working on my thesis which has many nested levels of document. I have a few tables interspersed throughout. I am using custom compile settings that add a heirarchical number to the title of each document and an indent that corresponds to the depth of each document to help keep things organized.

The problem with this is that the indent also gets applied in each cell of every table. The result is that, for a document that is 4 layers deep, all the text in each table is squished up against the right margin of each cell.

Is there any way to configure my compile settings so that the formatting in tables gets left alone during the compile? Even better would be if the left border of a table could be indented, but then everything else left alone.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’d drop the table into it’s own section and tick the “Compile As-Is” flag in the Inspector. That will keep the compiler from messing with it. You could also inhibit indent modification at a global level in the compile settings—but you probably want that for the main body text. So basically wherever a table falls:

    Section A(1)
    Section A(2)
    Section B
    Section C

Where Section A has a table in it, it’s been split into three. As-Is also inhibits any titling that might have occurred, so it is safe to call it whatever you want, and the presence of it will not disrupt any counters you have going; one caveat is if you are using <$hn> counters. Those will “increment” because they merely report outline position in a static fashion, rather than counting up at each instance.

If you are relying upon <$hn>s, or the above schema feels disruptive to you, a slightly more clunky solution would be to select every cell in the table and apply Format/Formatting/Preserve Format to them. Each cell will get a blue box, and the compiler won’t touch anything in them. If you do want font face adjustment done, you can tune the behaviour of this in the options for formatting.