How to generate Kindle TOC for chapters without titles?


I’m trying to set up my compile settings in Scrivener 3 and am unable to see my chapters in the generated TOC.

Instead of using Chapter Titles I am using images, adding them with an image placeholder:

When I view the generated TOC it only shows sections with titles and omits all my Chapters. If I check the ‘Titles’ box in the section layout, all the pages are then generated in the TOC as expected.

Is there a way to add the Chapters to the TOC without having the titles? Perhaps adding a title in the metadata or something?

Thanks in advance.

Is anybody able to clarify that a section without ‘Title’ checked in the section layouts will be omitted from the auto-generated TOC for Kindle please?

The manual states:

It just appears to use the text-file title for this auto-generated list, but then, what’s the point of having numbering placeholders and title prefix and suffixes if they are just ignored for the system TOC?

Just to clarify, this is for the auto-generated TOC used by the Kindle device or reader software, and not the TOC page generated by checking the ‘Generate html table of contents’ checkbox.

I see there is a setting in the Section Layouts to: ‘Include placeholder titles for untitled items’

Could anybody please tell me:

a: if this placeholder title can be used to populate the links in the auto-generated Kindle TOC?

b: how do I add placeholder titles?


Hi Ian,

As of ePub 3 (which is used as the basis of KF8/Mobi Kindle files), the HTML table of contents is used for the Kindle device’s ToC too. So you can just provide a custom table of contents to achieve what you need.

One thing to bear in mind is that ePub 3 has quite strict requirements for tables of contents. Your table of contents must only contain the following:

  1. A title that has a heading level set.
  2. Links to the documents in the contents.

Anything else could cause errors in the ePub file. (We need to improve our documentation on this, I believe.)

All the best,

Many thanks for taking the time to reply Keith.

It proved to be a problem with the file not working correctly, and after a restart it is all now working as expected - fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again.

I’m really pleased to have got this sorted and that it wasn’t the compiler working counter-intuitively, it was just a glitch.

Thanks again,

I’m glad you’re up and running. If you can reproduce those problems with the Section Types, let me know, as I’d love to get to the bottom of that.

Thanks for all your help Keith - but I’ve played about with the original file a bit more this morning and can’t replicate the problems.

While I was having trouble I kept trying to generate a table of contents to a specific page and got lots of error messages, and the compiled file couldn’t be built. After the restart all worked fine.
I don’ t know if Scrivener logs any of these compiler errors, but if it does would they be any help to you?

Now that it turns out that the new compiler does work the way I thought it should (and that it was just the glitches making me think I was misunderstanding the way it all worked), I really like the new format. :slight_smile:

All the best,