How to move Scrivener (bought as an App from the App Store) from by old Macbook to my new PC?


I bought Scrivener on the App Store because I had a MacBook.
Now I have a new computer - a Lenovo PC.
My question is: how do I get Scrivener moved to my PC?

Caroline P. Vest

Refer to the below posts. It seems I was incorrect

Unlikely, but as you have a Mac licence, you can get a Windows licence for a considerable discount.



This is actually in the FAQ, so you don’t need to contact support – you can simply buy the new license for the Windows edition (or go to the Windows beta forum for the beta download link and use that until version3 is released):

And, as xiamenese notes, you can get the multi-platform discount, so you’re not even paying full price to buy the Windows license – plus, when you buy it now, it will give you the upgrade to version 3.x for free once that releases.

Note that If you have Scrivener v3 on your Mac and you want to seamlessly transfer your projects to your Windows device, you should probably check out the beta. If you go with the current release 1.9.x version of Scrivener for Windows, you will first want to use the “Export to v2” feature in Mac Scrivener to save your projects into the v2 format so that Scrivener for Windows 1.9 can recognize the projects.

@devinganger & @xiamenese

It appears I’ve been corrected. Truth be told, I always assumed the platform discount was more for people who were wishing to use both. Ive had other developers who’ve transferred licenses for me and I thought that may be a viable alternative to buying a new license. We’re living in some scary times and with this pandemic so many people are being sent home without pay. The OP may not have money to buy a new license.

I’d contact L&L directly about the cross-platform discount. After the switch to Paddle as the license provider, that discount was changed to only being available for a bundle purchase. To the best of my knowledge, that’s still the case.

From the L&L Blog: … ith-paddle

D’oh! I’d completely forgotten about that provisio.