How to open my project written in beta-version on Scrivener 1

Hi everyone! A few months ago I downloaded the beta-version of Scrivener 3 and I loved it, so I startet to write my project with it. Then, the beta expired, so yesterday I bought Scrivener 1. I really love the software, but I much prefer Scrivener 3. I would like to use the beta and, when it will expire, to switch to Scrivener 1, waiting for the new release. Unfortunately, I can’t open on Scrivener 1 the project written on Scrivener 3 beta, because an error message comes, saying that my project is written in a new version of Scrivener and I have to check the updates. There is a way to solve this problem? Can I “convert” the project?
Thank you!

You can download the latest Beta release 17 here:

Install it over your previous installation of the Beta.

With the beta versions, you might want to check for updates before the current beta expires on [ whatever date you get notified ] before it expires. Check Updates in Help is recommended from time to time to avoid what you’re going through.

Download the latest beta from here:

You can install it side by side with v1. Be sure you read the instructions though.
good luck.