How to Save Custom Theme in Scrivener 3 for Windows

I’ve customized colors, fonts, fixed with background with a pic. How do I save and import as a theme?

Window > Themes > Save Theme to File will save your customizations as a .scrtheme file. If you subsequently make changes and then want to reload your custom theme, do Window > Themes > Load Theme from File and select your .scrtheme file.

You can also share the .scrtheme with other people. See this thread for an example of a poster here doing this: Scrivener 3.1 Accessibility - #19 by BadScribbler

Finally, if you do Window > Themes > Import Themes and select your .scrtheme file, that will copy it to a special Scrivener Themes folder and make it permanently available from the Window > Themes menu picker.



Success! Thank you JimRac!!! :clap:t5:

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