I am outraged!

Outraged, I tell you!

Any clue as to which of the multiple current sources of outrage has driven you over the edge?



Pangur has funny feeling that some earthling fartface, has plagiarized piggy’s
whip oops :blush: sorry! wip.

Do take care,

Fine… I’ll go back to my daily post in NiaD.

I feel obliged to point out, young master numpty, that Pangur isn’t infallible. You could be the cause of piggy’s hurt.
tread carefully, numpty.

Time to be inraged…

…inchoate? :confused:

That’s inrageous!

Come on now, little piggykins, tell your uncles what is the matter. Why are you outraged?
Uncle Vic,

|oo=o: :==ooooooo=ooo+~.+o=ooo|
|o=o+  ++==o=ooo=o=====: +o=oo|
|ooo.     ~+==ooooooo==o. =ooo|
|ooo.       =ooooooooo=o~ ~o=o|
|o=o+      .=oooooooo=o+  .ooo|
|ooo==+:::+ooooooooooo+.  .ooo|
|ooo=oooooooooooo==oo:    ~o=o|
|ooooo=====oooo==oo+.     +o=o|
|oooooooooooooo=o+.      ~oooo|
|ooooooooooooo=+.       ~o=ooo|
|oooooooooooo+        .+oooooo|
|oooooooo=o=.       .:=ooooooo|
|ooooooooo+       .+=ooooooooo|
|oooooo===      .+ooo=oooooooo|
|oooooo=o~    .+=o==oooooooooo|
|oooooooo.   :ooo=oooooooooooo|
|oooooooo.  +oo=oooooooooooooo|
|oooooooo. :o=oooooooooooooooo|
|oooooo=o~ =oooooooooooooooooo|
|oooooooo+ +oooooooooooooooooo|
|ooooo==+.   ~=ooooooooooooooo|
|oooo=o+      .o=ooooooooooooo|
|oooo=o+      ~ooooooooooooooo|

I’m sorry! Sorry, I tell you!!

I am slightly better today. I have moved through disgust and disgrunt, and am settling quietly into disappointment.

Well, at least we have containment.

We really don’t want to know because, apparently, this issue caused a severe drop in your usual loquacious level indicating a possible trigger moment. So what is dis problem?


Yeah, I feel like I’ve missed something? Can we share indignation? Light bags of cat poop on the offender’s steps? TP their houses?

Ah, that brings back memories from my misspent youth. Thank you for that.

Why bother with bags? :confused:

And why light them? :laughing:

So you can see the ice on the steps?