Icon Manager and right-click action menu mods request

I would like to request a modification to the Icon Manager and display of user icons in the right-click action menus. I realize this might not be a major priority whatsoever, so I’ll call it more of a nice-to-have request.

My request is to have any folder structure, located beneath the ‘…\icons’ folder of a project, be mirrored and managed in the Icon Manager, and also to appear in the right-click action menu for selecting different document or file icons. Basically, any folder structure beneath a project’s ‘…\icons’ folder would be mirrored into the icon selection menu as drill-down sub-menus with icons appearing at any level.

As an example, the feature I’m thinking of is found within the open source software, FreePlane. It’s mind mapping software. I’ve included 2 screenshots. One shows the icon location in the folder structure of Windows, and the second one shows the functionality I’m attempting to describe.

Thanks very much for your time in reading my request.

Here is a recent request for a this capability.