Images Cover Connection Lines

I’ve just started to use Scapple, intending to use it – at least initially for ‘mind mapping’. To this end, I wanted to add images that suited a particular note. I worked out how to drag and drop, then resize images, and how to “send to back” so that they don’t impinge on the note. But I found that the image still stands in front of connection lines. Is there any way of overcoming this?

Just bought the software and this is the first thing I notice. You can push the images to the background, but still connecting lines and shadows land behind the image. That’s a dealbreaker. Also, I don’t think you can select no background color for a note. Which is disappointing too. Is there a chance you can fix that?

I also noticed this and am hoping there is a workaround that someone’s discovered in the intervening time. Frustrating because I’d like to label connections between various parts of the image.

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