Images missing in Corkboard view Scrivener3


I’m hoping someone can help me find a solution as to why images aren’t showing up in the corkboard mode regardless that I have “Display images as photographs” selected in the preferences. Help!

Thank you!

Two things that I think will help you…

Read section 13.3.1 of the manual, Synopsis Card, and in particular, Synopsis Images vs Text .

In the following L&L video, start at about the 2:20 mark to see a demonstration of the effect in the Corkboard of switching between text and image in the Inspector: … s?os=macOS

Thanks for that! I completely missed the Synopsis section for some reason but I am just getting acquainted with the software. This will do quite nicely although it would be nice to scale down the thumbnails somewhat. Changing the size in Corkboard preferences doesn’t seem to do anything but I’ll look further now that I know what I’m looking for!


See this recent thread regarding corkboard image aspect ratios: