Images Scaled on Scrivener Windows Get Unscaled After Syncing With iOS Client

Hi all …

I have a document containing 5 images, each is large enough to fill entire screen. I was able to scale them to my liking. on the Windows client. However, every time I make changes to this doc on iOS and sync via dropbox, all 5 images get blown up again. I have to go through rescaling them multiple times a day.

I’ve been monitoring Scrivener development for the last few years. I’m happy to see it come a long way. Wonderful work!


As a workaround for now, you might want to resize the image before it is imported into Scrivener, so that regardless of which device you are using it will remain the correct size. Also, it is generally better to use linked images. If the image is linked, the iOS text engine has no access to it and can’t mess around with it.