In Inspector, what does the Auto-generate button do?

For Scrivener for Windows, although presumably my question isn’t operating system dependent.

If I view a Text entity in editor or Outline mode AND view Inspector, in the upper-right of Inspector is a button. Hovering on that button displays the pop-up text Auto-generate.

What does that button do?

I clicked it, then rushed into my kitchen to enjoy the resulting cup of latte. But nothing had happened! More importantly, nothing appeared to have occurred within Scrivener, either.

I next searched for “Auto-generate” and “auto generate” in the Scrivener 1.5 for Microsoft Windows User Guide PDF, in this forum, and looked in the Index of Jennifer Kettell’s Scrivener Absolute Beginners Guide book. Nope, nothin’.

So I’m going to ask the question here.

Anyone have the answer?

Cheers & thanks,

P.S. Should the apparent absence of “auto-generate” be filed as a documentation bug?

Hi, sfosparky! You may be right, since it is not easy to find by searching for “Auto generate”, but it’s on page 148, second paragraph:

The button on the far right will automatically generate a synopsis based on the curent
text in the document. If text is selected in the editor, it will be used to fill in the
synopsis; otherwise, the first few lines will be used. When using image synopsis mode
subsection 12.1.2), this button will be replaced with an X which when clicked will erase
our graphic selection.

Hope this helps!

Yup, this button requires some content in the main text editor to do anything. As noted in the manual, it just takes the first bit of text, or what you have selected, and puts it into the Synopsis. It is a convenience feature and nothing more, if there is nothing to work with (as it looks like from the screenshot) then it won’t do anything.

Thanks AmberV and r6d2 — 'preciate it!

Wouldn’t it be great if that button actually might produce an abstract of whatever story is contained in the document? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

The red Write-My-Book™ button has been on the future list for a while now. What you could do is hit that button, then auto-generate the synopsis from it.

Whatever happened to the Bright Green Money Button?

Yeah, I knew about that button, but frankly, the auto-written stories suck big time unless you previously hit the Build-Interesting-Character and Create-Rule-For-World buttons in a Fibonacci succession.

I prefer to use random digits of Pi anyway. Stories turn out a lot less predictable.

Ah Procedural Generation. The secret to getting a whole galaxy of stars systems in just 32kb of memory. Thank you, Elite!

It seems it was removed from the official builds. It’s still in the Linux Beta, though. Every time I press it a perfect 100 dollar bill comes out from my printer. The problem is that US currency paper is actually a fabric, and hard to get by legal means. :laughing:

This is just too COOL! Exactly what I wanted to accomplish. Scrivener is truly an iceberg, much larger than its surface area indicates. Thanks for helping me learn more. :smiley:

In addition to the two methods described above as to how auto-generate populates the synopsis card, it might be nice to have an option such as “first 50/100 words.” (What a great tool!)