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I have vector graphics images saved from Omni Graffle as pdf. Do I have to covert them to a “real” graphics format before I import them into a text. I have tried and failed with pdf format.


That’s definitely the best approach at the moment. The trouble is that Scrivener saves text files as RTF internally, and RTF doesn’t support embedded PDF files, so they end up getting converted to PNG or JPG internally anyway. It’s on my list for 2.0.3 to improve this as much as possible.

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Thanks very much for the update on the pdf graphics issue.

Perhaps you could provide a user preference for stored graphics quality, say, that adjusts the effective resolution at which the graphic is saved. This would allow a user to balance speed and quality to optimize performance for a given task. The default setting would ideally produce the same quality as the antialiased graphics displayed by version 1.5x, but higher quality might be specified if the user needed it. I would be happy with the same quality that version 1.5 provides, as I indicated earlier on.



Actually I’ve had an idea in this regard. Although RTF cannot store PDF graphics by default, it is possible to store arbitrary data in RTF files, and seeing as these RTF files are just used internally by Scrivener’s file format and I have control over them, I may be able to find a way to encode the PDF data after all, by storing the data and swapping it back in when the file is opened. There may be issues with whether or not the Windows version will be able to do the same and thus whether quality will be lost when moving between platforms, but I am quietly confident that I will be able to get this working in the Mac version. I’ll be working on it on Tuesday, so I’ll let you know how it goes.
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Did anything come of this yet? I am in the final stage of a thesis and am having to do a massive picture replacement every time I compile to update changes made etc. This would be incredibly welcome.

Many thanks

Yes, this was sorted a couple of updates ago.

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