Increase the visibility of arrowheads in binder and outliner

Well, I appreciate the humor, Antoni, but truly, this is the most important outstanding issue with the Binder.

You cannot see the arrowheads, on any of the dark themes, and their coloring is bound up in binary resources, instead of being adjustable in Themes.

This truly needs a fix. Perhaps a selection of prearranged resources which can be specified in a theme, if it’s not convenient to create the resources dynamically from specifications in Themes.

But please, Scrivener team, do fix this. It’s really nasty not to be able to see even if an item is a container or not, and equally so to fish around trying to find the touch point with a mouse.

It could be that having an ‘ordinary’ laptop screen makes this worse, but then, many of us are using those…


Cc: @kewms @AmberV @tiho_d

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I agree with most of your reply. Currently the only way to get those solid arrow-heads in the binder is to spend a thousand dollars. It would be great if we could specify the color and shape of these resources in Themes. Even white, gray and black versions would solve most of the visibility issues with these arrows. Or only white and black if we could control the transparency.

It’s a known issue and I’m sure it’s on the agenda of Scrivener Team.

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The arrowheads and other icons like in the Editor the icons for Bold, Underlined, or Italics and also the menu icons in the Inspector are all using the same mid-grey tone and visibility of them is even a problem in the pre-installed Ocean Theme for Scrivener 3. At least that’s the one that’s the most obvious for the pre-installed themes.
It limits the posibilities of custom themes immensely as well as forces people with vision impairments to need to chose a theme that might not be as aesthetic as they’d like just so that they’d be able to see the icons properly.
Overview of Scrivener 3 Windows themes For quick reference, you can clearly see that the moment the color of the applied theme has a mid-range value, visibility of all icons drops significantly. Mellow Yellow has the best visibility with it’s bright yellow icons. So if Mellow Yellow can have colored arrowheads, etc. then it would really benefit everyone I think to include either a pre-selected range of icons you could choose from in Appearance or to input in the .xml file under style:

 <ScrivenerTheme name="XYZ" style="Dark">

A list for valid style names could be included in the User Manual. But the better option and more easily accessible would be to make it an option in the Appearance settings.

And btw, if you create a custom theme and replace the “Dark” in the code above with “Light”, you get the icons from the Deafault Theme as I’ve found out through messing around there. But generally, don’t mess with that file too much :sweat_smile:


Could not adjust arrows in binder and agree a real issue, but changed the tab menu font to Arial Bold and increased size to 11 from 9 and in Navy Gold theme much easier to read. Do this in options, general interface, appearance and near bottom See GUI Font (no color options) and play with size a little bigger and bold helps with menus.

Something new on this score – a dark them where you can see the folder/container arrowheads…and some nice appearance for dark theme users.

I’m seeing a thing or two may want to adjust, as we do, but this is very welcome just as offered.