Scrivener 3 Themes (Windows)

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In page view, I am trying to replicate the Dark Mode mac theme but on Windows 10. Particularly, I am trying to set the background to become dark, however when I do so, it changes both the background and the editor color itself - which I would prefer the classic black text on a white page.

Any suggestions?

The macOS version of Scrivener offers a “Keep Main Editors Light” option in the “Appearance” menu (that’s where you also can select Dark, Light or System default mode). I’m not sure about Windows, though.

How do you get those solid arrow-heads in the binder? I can hardly see the default ones, but yours are beautiful and clear at the same time.

Buy a Mac.

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Here is Pao’s version of the default Theme, called White. The default Theme can’t be saved to file, so this is a good alternatieve to start building Themes based on the Default.


Dracula theme for Scrivener

(Posted on behalf of Ayush Pokharel and Zeno Rocha.)

Dracula is a popular theme available for nearly everything that supports themes, and now Scrivener too.


@AmberV , thank you very kindly :relaxed:

This is the first theme in memory that gives Dark Mode…and…lets you see the folder/container dropdown symbol so you know what those are.

Not only that, but it gives a soft non-blueish color to text.

All the things the slightly retinally challenged person could ask for :slight_smile:

I had a squint, at least, using Norton and then a code editor for any funny things; didn’t notice any. And there are a lot of things one could tune, most done with internal settings in Scrivener, no doubt.

Very happy to have this. It won’t substitute for the iPad and Scrivener for much original writing, but now I won’t glance away from using Scrivener on the laptop for the deeper things it can do there.

Best, (and thanks of course to the theme originator, Ash (ayushpokh on the Github project you tagged)

Thank you for posting it here! Folks can reach out to me with any bugs they might find in the theme (or suggestions).


Great Theme in a new tint!
Suggestions for improvement might be to lower the contrast of the lines on the Index Cards in the Corkboard View and make the contrast stronger between a selected row in the Outliner View and the subtle text color of the synopsis. I’m missing the menu bar highlights, set in the QSS stylesheet, but it might be your choice to leave those out. Oh, and I’d like to see better which button in button group for the Group Views is selected. Good job!

I’d be interested to know how you hacked the triangles in front of the folders in the Binder instead of the > characters…

Thank you kindly for the Vampire theme. Amazing work!

I can’t take credit, I just posted it at the creator’s request! :slight_smile:

Hello all,

I’ve finished version 1.2 of my Morrowind Scrivener Theme. Screenshot is below. The font is Pelagiad, by Isaskar.

morrowind_theme_v1.2.7z (128.7 KB)



Window > Themes > Load Theme from file


Window > Themes > Import Theme


The Zip-file must contain 4 files: *. pal, *. qss, *. prefs and *.xml.

The .XML manifest must contain the name of the Theme and the exact names of the other files.

Each file must be formatted correctly following the specifications of their format.

If it still doesn’t work, send me the Theme in a message through this forum.

这几个 格式都有,我在论坛下载的那个白色主题都无法加载进软件里去

I’ll check the White Theme when have some time.

I can load the White Theme without problems and boy, is it White. Whiter than Default.

Are u sure you’re using Window > Themes > Load Theme from file, and then Restarted Scrivener to actually see the Theme?

The only problem I can think of is it you named the Theme or the folder containing it “Default” because that might clash with the… Default Theme.

Send me the Theme and I’ll check it to see if I can find anything wrong with it…