iOS Update

Welcome to Tammy Coron (Paradox927), our new iOS developer:

All the best,

I’m sorry to hear of the circumstances behind the hold-up, glad to know things are moving and appreciate the way you have shared the news.

No angry emails from this user, just a thanks to Keith, best wishes to Jen and a welcome to Tammy.

My best wishes for Jen as well; I’m sorry to hear of her family’s difficulties.

Tammy, good luck getting up to speed, and welcome.

Hi, Everyone!

Thanks for the big welcome. I’m happy to be on board. =]

If interested, I have a longer “introduction” hosted over at my site:

Talk to you all soon! And, happy writing!!

I hope Jen’s troubles will be solved for the good. In the meantime, welcome to Tammy, and good work to her.


Sympathies to Jenny on my part as well. I sincerely hope that everything resolves itself in the best possible manner.

And greetings to Tammy, too. We’re a weird and wonderful bunch, as you’ll discover, but very loyal.


I’ve been using Storyist on iOS and Mac, as I found the iOS to Scrivener options to be clunky. While their iOS app is quite good, the Mac app is not in the same league as Scrivener, and where I don’t need day to day iOS to Mac transfers, I stick to Scrivener.

I for one will be looking forward to moving all my writing work back to Scrivener the day the iOS app comes out.

Thank you for the update!

Thanks for the update. Good luck with the project Tammy.

My iPad Mini feels empty without Scrivener!

Best to Jen. Life sometimes has a habit of getting in the way. Hopefully things will start to get better, whatever the problem is.

Dear Jen,
a wish for all the luck you need to see you through this trying time.
Hopefully, all will turn out well.


Welcome aboard Scrivener.
Good Luck

Best wishes to Jen. Welcome to Tammy.

Personally, not too fussed about having all the OS X Scrivener bells and whistles on the iOS version—I’m hoping for the binder to remain intact, for it to preserve file formatting (italics, etc), and for it to be rock solid reliable and simple in terms of synching.

Eager to beta test.

As someone who hasn’t posted anything on the forum for a long time (but who uses Scrivener everyday and thinks it the best thing since sliced bread) I would just like to add my well wishes to Jen and welcome Tammy.

I use Scrivener both on the Mac and on Windows and am looking forward to the Ipad version also. Hope I’m not being too impertinent with adding a query to this post: When the iOS version comes out do we know whether it will be compatible with all models of iPad (Ipad 2, Ipad 3 etc) or will it only work on the Ipad 4 and higher?

Hope this isn’t a silly question and forgive me if it has already been answered elsewhere.



Thanks everyone for the kind words and support, and for the well wishes towards Jen.

Not impertinent at all! The way things are now, the main requirement will be that your device can run iOS 6.0. This means that it can run on all iPads except for the iPad 1, which cannot run iOS 6.0. The requirement is OS-based rather than device-based.

All the best,

My best wishes to Jen.

When Scriv comes, it comes.

For the moment using other product…

No angry emails or tweets from this user either; quite the opposite, I want to wish Jen and Tammy the best of luck on the iOS version. Thank you for the blog post, and sorry things are bad for Jen.

Thank you for the update, and for making yourself vulnerable and true. Quite appreciated!

I have a question.

As a heavy scrivener user, I use it a lot to catch ideas on the fly. In these moments, a mobile interface like an iphone or ipad become very precious because you don’t have to carry your heavy laptop. I like to catch ideas when I travel, when I read, and even when I run in nature. In this moment, I don’t need a fully operational scrivener. I just need to grab a raw item that I will integrate later in scrivener in its right place. Therefore a simple iOS app to catch ideas would cover 90% of my mobile needs, and I tend to think that many users share the same case.

So here comes my question: what about a simple “grab and send your idea” app? This app would just let you collect and edit items and then send them to a queue in your scrivener file. Could it then serve as an early temporary, intermediary iOS release?

Sorry if my question seems silly and not realistic.

Good luck!

Simplenote (or other similar apps) will do that for you: …

Only with the Mac version of Scrivener - I’m on Windows.

The best option I have found for the windows version is to use Byword, or any plain text editor for iOS that syncs with Dropbox. I create a text file for each chapter then pin it as an outside resource in Scrivener to the respective chapter. Then while I am away from my PC, I can continue where I left off. Once back at the PC all I have to do is open the outside recourse file within Scrivener, and copy/ paste into my manuscript.