Is there a grammar check in Scrivener for Windows?

I’m aware that Scrivener in Windows checks for any spelling mistakes while writing. However, I seem to have a problem with grammar while writing in Scrivener

For example, here’s a sentence I’ve wrote in a chapter: “She pretended to ignoring while bringing her right hand to her pistol”

Normally, grammar mistakes in a sentence are outlined in any writing apps. However, that wasn’t the case for me as I had to compile a whole chapter to a Google Document to check for any grammar mistakes.

So I would like to know if there is a way to put grammar checking in Scrivener for Windows to avoid grammar mistakes in the future

Sorry, Scrivener for Windows does not currently offer grammar checking.

How much time it will take to support it? It’s coming or will remain the same? please let me know. Thanks

You can add third party grammar checkers like Grammarly. Grammarly claims that it has a desktop app that will work with other desktop apps.

If I ran Windows I would definitely try it – but alas Grammarly doesn’t have the same for Linux.

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Pro Writing Aid app works with native Scrivener files. I have used it successfully.

  • Shut Scrivener down.
  • Open the scriv file in PWA and edit it.
  • Shut PWA down.
  • Open the project again in Scrivener, then create a zip backup (usually by just closing Scrivener again).

Otherwise your zipped backup copy will be out of sync with your edited version, and potential loss of work could occur if you have a system crash. :open_mouth: