is there a risk that you L&L drop Scapple ?


I like Scapple a lot. I think that it’s a little gem and use it extensively for projects and have created keyboard maestro macros to facilitate transferring the information to Scrivener at the final stages (re-styling).

Based on the fact that you have not addressed significant issues like the page guide bug discussed since 2018(or rather the fact that pages guides are not compatible with the most recent Mac Os), the inability to print more than one ‘fit to one’ page, etc, I am concerned that you may eventually drop Scapple which would be a disaster for me. I don’t like the alternatives, like Mind Mapping apps which involve too much time diagramming and less time thinking.

At this point I have ways to work around the page guide and print issue. All I am concerned with is the L&L’s plans for Scapple.

Obviously nothing is certain in life. I would simply like to understand your mindset concerning scapple

thanks in advance for your time and help


I second this . I have no concern for new features in scapple. In fact , it is perfect the way it is (barring few bugs that could be taken care of eventually) .

But my main concern is that it should not be dropped by L&L . This is easily the most important piece of software for me on my Mac and I would like to keep it this way for the rest of my life :slight_smile: . Am in love with it .

Please keep supporting this app . This is a gem for so many of us .


If L&L is considering abandoning Scapple, please consider bundling it/ incorporating it with Scrivener and increasing the price.

Surely there is a “risk”, but like all risks we have to consider it probabilistic …

Considering nobody from L&L has bothered to comment on or participate on this thread, I wouldn’t spend a lot of time worrying about L&L abandoning Scapple.

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You could interpret that either way.

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I considered commenting, but decided I didn’t have anything useful to say.

We do not comment on future plans. Scapple is still actively supported.

We consider Scapple “finished” in that it has all functionality envisioned for it, and little need for updates beyond compatibility and bug fixes. Due to its simplicity, it has less need for either than, say, Scrivener. So you shouldn’t view a relatively sedate update schedule as a sign of “abandonment.”


I could, Bob, if I didn’t spend a few minutes to search the forums and take note that L&L is still selling Scrivener, and has in the past responded to threads like these to say that it is actively supported and that they do plan to produce future fixes for bugs and OS compatibility, even if they don’t plan to add new features.

At some point forum users have to actually put a little bit of work in to find answers, so that L&L staff doesn’t waste all of their time answering the same questions over and over and over.

Maybe y’all could get someone to work up a bot that posts a fresh new “FAQ” post to the forums every day without fail. I would suggest once a week, but I fear that would get too stale too quickly.

Hmm…maybe best do it every hour.

Q: Have you abandoned Scapple?
A: Not today, Satan!

Q: Have you abandoned Scrivener?
A: Not today, Satan!

Q: When is feature X coming?
A: We do not comment on future timelines or give ETAs.

…etc., etc., ad nauseum.

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We can get all sorts of impressions from other posts, but that specific fact didn’t point in either direction (and now it’s not a fact anymore).

That’s sort of a shame - there’s a few requests for functionality out there. Personally I’d like the ability to add comments to a note, rather like the way you do on a cell in Excel. Just a way for me to add an aide memoire when I’ve got a page of ‘big picture’ Notes. But if it’s not to be, I can get over it.

What would be absolutely brilliant though would be an iOS version. Like the OP I find those apps on iPad overpowered and difficult. Maybe Scapple is “finished” in functionality, fair enough, but is an iOS version out of the question and off the table?

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To put everyone’s mind at rest, Scapple is going nowhere, and is still in active development. Here is what is going on in that regard:

  1. We are slowly porting the Mac code from the Objective-C programming language to Swift as part of a gradual and ongoing modernisation process.

  2. Once that’s done, the Swift code for the main “thought group” view will be adapted to work on both macOS and iOS. (This involves writing iOS-specific code for drag and drop, editing notes and much more.)

  3. Once that’s done, we’ll be writing the rest of the iOS app.

So yes, our plan is to bring Scapple to iOS (eventually). Please note, however, that there is no time scale on any of this. I’m full time on other code that I’ll have my hands full with for the foreseeable future, so the bulk of this work is currently being done, under my supervision, by Ian, a developer who joined the company last year. We’d love to get the iOS version out some time in 2022, but given our past over-optimism with release dates, I’d say that it could equally end up being 2023, 2025, 2050 or 3128. :slight_smile: Scapple’s external simplicity is not indicative of its internal workings. So: it will just be out when it’s ready.

Also, although we will of course be fixing bugs, we have no plans for adding new features to Scapple any time soon - the idea was always that it would be simple, stable, and that we wouldn’t be constantly adding to it.

All the best,


Does this Ian like writing novels? Has he ever tried writing one really quickly with a bunch of people he met on the internet?


Ha, he actually wrote and self-published a couple of sci-fi novels with Scrivener several years ago - we’ll have to drag him into NiaD!


Thanks for the update Keith

That’s exactly what I wanted to hear :slight_smile: . Gaps in update schedules are alright as long as scapple is kept in “active” mode .

Hey Keith

As far as I am concerned (and am sure that I am supported by a vast majority of scapple users) , that’s exactly what I wanted to hear . I personally don’t feel the need for any new functionality in scapple . It’s awesome the way it is now.

Was just concerned if it’s actively supported in terms of updates that ensure compatibility with new versions of macOS and bug fixes . I think you have answered affirmatively on my concerns .

Thanks a ton .

Whew, that’s good to know. I almost had a panic attack for a minute there! I love Scapple and definitely do not want it to become obsolete. Its simplicity is its biggest strong point because it makes things much less intimidating and much easier to get started brainstorming your ideas and thoughts onto the “page.”

Granted, I wouldn’t mind having a more modernized feel to go with the minimalist simplicity, but it’s not a deal-breaker by any means. To coin a phrase I’ve heard applied to the Apple brand: “It just works.”

He has, he hasn’t. but did! Thoroughly enjoyed it! :slight_smile:

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Hello. Is Scapple functioning in Monterey 12.2 yet, or will it be in the near future? I am moving to a computer with this OS, and would like to know if I should revert it to Big Sur, or wait.

Thanks for any replies!