Is there an Android App in development?

I have been contemplating buying Scrivener to manage the novel I am working on in a much more orderly fashion than using OneNote. My only concern is I primarily use Windows and Android. I know there is software available on Windows but is there any in development for android? If you are also an Android user is there an application that you use to be able to update on your phone/chromebook?

Thanks for the help.

There’s been talk of an Android version, but don’t hold your breath.

If previous releases are anything to go by there would be a year or two of beta’s before being released, and there’s no sign of that.

There are apparently a few text type editors you can achieve something with but it’s Kludge.

Reality, at the moment, if you want a seamless solution, get an iPhone or iPad.

Bought myself a Windows tablet on which I run the full version of Scrivener.

There are apps on Android, I have JotterPad in mind. (Although I am not even sure it works so well anymore…)
Basically, any text app that supports RTF.
But even then, using those Android toys is far from what you’d get from either a Windows tablet, or an iPhone/iPad.

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Hi @Tanalei,

L&L’s developers have mentioned plans to provide an Android version of both Scrivener and Scapple. For reference, see this older post by Keith (founder, main Scrivener designer, Mac/iOS developer) and this more recent one by Tiho (Windows developer).

Windows Scrivener runs on a framework called QT which does support Android, so at least some aspects of Windows Scrivener can be leveraged for Android Scrivener development.

But -

L&L will not provide anything like timelines or hints of a release date for future product releases. So, as @RuffPub said, we are probably years away from a product release.

Base your purchase decision on apps available now. You can download the trial version of Scrivener and use it for 30 days. Experiment with the Android apps mentioned by @Vincent_Vincent to see if they work well enough with Scrivener to support your process. If you chose to try it out, come back to the forum with any questions you have–there’s always someone around willing to help.

Funny, in 2014 I was contemplating using OneNote for writing a novel until I discovered Scrivener. I still use OneNote on a daily basis for all sorts of things, but for long form fiction it would be really rudimentary and no comparison to Scrivener.


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Yes, the other option is a Windows tablet. The benefit of that is you can run the full version of Scrivener Win (how well?) on the same licence for your Windows computer (L&L’s generous ‘household’ licence.)

Works wonderfully.
. . . . . . .

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The first that L&L are likely to say about an Android version is “it is available”. They got stung very badly announcing the iOS/iPadOS version and then taking several years — felt like a dozen! — to bring it to market. It almost achieved the same status of Oracle’s infamous vapourware products.

…for beta, as they did with the iOS version.


… having learned a lesson from the too-early release of Windows version 3 betas and over-optimistic timelines.

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Did the idea of an android version die?

They’ve been pretty tight-lipped about Scrivener for android, but this comment is from their official “X” account in September. I suspect it’s still under development.