Is there any way to look for duplicate text?

I had to import many notes to my project. Now I find that there are some paragraphs that are duplicated throughout many files. Is there any quick way to search for duplicates without typing into search bar or reading those texts?
(Scrivener 3, Windows 10)

Sorry BlueMargo, Scrivener’s got nothing like this, as least not that I’m aware of.

I’m also not aware of any other tools that do this–are you?

If you are, you could always compile your notes, import them into that other tool, identify the duplicates, then go back to Scrivener and delete them.


How were these brought into Scrivener? As lots of separate documents, some of whose text duplicates the text that existed before the import? Do you know where the dupes are likely to occur? How much of this is there?

Are you able to distinguish between the “originals” and the imports? Do you have a pre-import backup?

Depending on the answers to those questions and the last two especially: You might try importing again, and immediately tag those in some way (kw, metadata) so that the docs that introduced the dupes can be identified, which will make it easier to keep track of where you last saw given text, or which instance you’re looking at. If you can still identify which docs are the imports, then consider tagging them. It could be useful.

Word has document compare, I think. There are no doubt online document compare services. If doc comparison would help.

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Look for “finding duplications” in §11.1 of the manual. One word in the search box is enough to start.

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What do you have against the search bar?

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Just to note: the features described in that section of the Mac user manual have not yet been added to the Windows version.

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Search bar is great.
It is just that I know there are some duplicates - in the text not duplicate files - but I don’t know what they are yet.
These imports are some of my very old notes from an abandoned thesis that I am trying to revive, so I don’t remember the text enough to put in a search bar. Eventually I will be reading the whole thing and flag possible repetitions - than the search bar will be useful.
I was just wondering if there is a automatic solution to take some load of me.

I will look into all proposed solutions.
As I mentioned in another answer - the problem is not with duplicated files but in some parts of text.
I have imported some .doc files as well as copy/paste text from some old app I have been using to keep notes before anyone heard of Scrivener or Evernote.
Those are my ancient notes and several attempts of writing a thesis so I believe I did a lot of copy/paste paragraphs and got lost between versions. Now I hoped for some automatic solution to highlight those repetitions to easier handle them.

Do you still have the source notes? Any tool is going to struggle to find duplicates if you don’t know what text to search for.

(How long a string counts as a duplicate? A few words? A paragraph? A page?)

Unfortunately I only have some of the source notes (those it .doc files).
I think the “Exact Phrase” search option will work fine for now. Is there any limit on the phrase length?

If I may express a wish at this point, it would be excellent to be able to highlight text and select ‘search for this’.

Thank you for all your remarks.

This may help:
Ctrl C (to copy)
Ctrl Shift F (to open project search)
Ctrl A (to highlight previous entry)
Ctrl V (to paste)
Enter (to search the project)

Autohotkey or similar may make this even easier.

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The planned feature we have will be generally superior in every way, as it will examine the full text of the current outline chunk you’re working with and then scan for sentence-or-greater duplications of that text throughout the entire project, and generate a list of all documents containing those ranges of text, sorted by incident weight and highlighting them for you in both documents. It was a feature added a couple of years after v3 was launched though, so it was put on the post-launch list.

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find the same words of n characters or more within m characters using RegEx.

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… within a single document, not across documents, I suspect.