Is there anyway to remove page header stamp from being compiled?

I’m referrring to the header stuff that compiling stamps at the top of every page, you know: SURNAME/BOOK TITLE/1 (or 2, etc…)

I finished a book. Uploaded the file to Draft2Digital for ebook and print. The header stamping I referred to was gone from all of the preview versions. Yay!

Enter Amazon KDP. I upload the book there and that stuff appears on every preview page for the POD paperback (it didn’t on the ebook previewers). It shouldn’t be there, since the previews show what will eventually be seen by readers of the finished POD book.

Now, I recall that I had a question regarding this SURNAME/BOOK TITLE/1 before: Surname, title not being picked up after page 1 in compiling. So, I went and looked and thought “Oh! That might help!” undid the metadata tab stuff. But the page header still appears.

Is there anyway to disable Scrivener’s automatic stamping of that metadata header tags stuff? You would think that Amazon KDP’s system would recognize that for what it is and strip it (like I said, D2D did, and Amazon’s ebook previewer’s did!) I can’t even manually remove it from each page.

I posted a question about this on KDP’s ‘Community’ forums and got 1 unhelpful answer and 1 rude reply. :disappointed:

Double click the compile format you compile with. Duplicate if prompted to.
Clear whatever you don’t want, from the place marked below.

Lol. Some things just don’t change. This place is overpacked with (or at least has a very high percentage of) people stained with jealousy and misoriented self-preservation.
→ Lucky you only got one rude reply.
(…My own experience wasn’t quite so enjoyable either.)



Thanks! I’ll try that later tonight. I’m sure it’ll solve my issue as all advice and answers here on the L&L seem to.

(I should have just come here but this seemed like an Amazon process thing.)

It worked! I also learned a lot in the process of digging through the compile settings and found a few other things, but your advice was crucial. THANK YOU @Vincent_Vincent!!

I just finished the formatting for Amazon KDP POD version and approved it. Now, the wait is on for their review!

Now I can turn my attention to promoting and marketing this, and revising two older self-pubbed books I wrote waybackwhen, and get to work on finishing up another.

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