Issue with compiling

Until early last week I had no problem compiling a script. Now I can’t compile. When I hit the compile button or menu item to compile, nothing happens. I have already trashed the preference file and also reinstalled the program. I have applied the latest update. My computer is a MacBook, 2 ghz Intel processor, running Tiger 10.4.11.

Any suggestions? All help is sincerely appreciated.


A nasty bug crept into 2.0.3 and 2.0.4 that affects compile for Tiger users only, but I’ve fixed it in the next beta - please download the version in this thread:

Apologies for the inconvenience, but this should fix ti.

All the best,

This issue is not isolated to Tiger.

Since updating twice in the past week my favourite writing application has become severely broken. I am using Snow Leopard fully up to date and I too cannot compile.

Worse still the application is behaving extremely badly. I am getting frequent crashes and certain documents will not open at all.

Sorry to hear you’re having problems. This particular issue (the one reported by the op) definitely is isolated to Tiger, though, and it’s one I’ve fixed in the build linked to. (I can say this with 100% certainly because the issue the op is experiencing is caused by Scrivener trying to call a function only available in Leopard and above). So it sounds as though you are experiencing different issues that no one else has come across (or reported) yet.

Could you please start a new thread in the Bug Hunt forum and explain what has happened (unfortunately just saying “it’s broken” doesn’t give me much to go on :slight_smile: ), along with any crash reports and console logs if appropriate. If you’re not sure about how to report these things, or want information on how to provide a bug report that will allow me to investigate the problems, please see this thread:

Scrivener has been extensively tested on Snow Leopard (I use it all the time on 10.6 myself) and, although there are some known crashes still affecting a handful of people (which I’m still trying to track down, as they are rare, and which were present in previous versions too), your experience is unusual - we are not getting reports about Scrivener having any severe issues. I’d therefore be grateful if you could provide more information, so that I am able to help you and can investigate the issue thoroughly. If you could zip up a problematic project and send it to, that would be really helpful, too, so that I can test the project.

Thanks and all the best,