It sucks! Cant get Code or help after money was deducted

Just blow off customers, but take their money.
Oh, and dont return their emails when they try to explain the problem.
How any company does this is beyond me, but all I can say is I am letting everyone know on my youtube channel and through my review articles exactly how scrivener has been treating me.

Taking my money and not delivering me an access code,
then ignoring my emails about the issue.
Its been a few days now and no one had responded to my dilemma.

This is not how a proper business should act.
Then again, without any telephone support to contact I should have thought twice before trying to purchase.
Just give me my money back so I can get as far away from this company as I can.

Completely unacceptable behavior from any company!

Scrivener has grown rather popular, but this incident of not providing me my access number has forced me to look for alternatives to scrivener that I will write about.

I might not be able to sway any of the customers already purchased but I can and will set out to deter as many new customers from such a poorly managed company as I have experienced within the last week.

Im learning about Ywriter, Writers Cafe and a few others which will make a rather informative article and video for the new writers. With 70,000 subscribers on my youtube channel I am pretty sure I will be able to sway at least some of them from dealing with scrivener once they hear my story.

Welcome to the forum, TheeGhostWriter. Sorry to hear you’ve been having problems with the purchasing system. I just want to make sure that you sent your query to the most appropriate address: They should be able to point you in the right direction.

In the meantime, Scrivener’s registration / online sales infrastructure are handled by a third party company called eSellerate. So you can try their support pages to see if they can access your serial number: … fault.aspx

As for switching to a different program… presumably you took advantage of the 30 day free trial of Scrivener and that convinced you that the program was worth your money? If that’s the case, I’d strongly encourage you not to rule yourself out of using such a great piece of software due to a technical hiccup with a third party’s system. If you didn’t use the trial… well I’d strongly suggest that you download it immediately! You get to use the program for 30 actual days of use (rather than 30 calendar days) to see if it really is as good as we all say it is. :slight_smile:

I’d also suggest that - if you are happy to use beta software - there is a beta version of Scrivener for Windows available on the site which will allow you to try it out a little longer… and allow you to continue writing whilst your registration issue is being resolved.

Good luck with the writing!

PS - Hopefully you have more than one YouTube channel. If not, You might want to check with YouTube’s support as well, since the channel ‘TheeGhostWriter’ is shown as not having uploaded any videos and having no subscribers. Eek!

Your post is a good example of why the Internet is so poisonous a medium
For certain personalities that are way beyond borderline.
What has happened to you is unfortunate, but it’s also not typical.
While you may be experienced in publicizing yourself,
In this venue you are a Noob and really ought to look around a bit
Before blowing your horn so loudly.
L&L is a very small company, mainly located in Cornwall,
Where the weather has been horrendous since New Year’s Day.
When they are able, the team will look into your problem and fix it.
Meanwhile, you can probably work with the demo version
And post any writing problems you encounter,
For friendly, informed assistance from a host of great volunteers.
My advice: simmer down and stop making threats.

Hello Theeghost,
You have been given very sound advice by members of this forum already. Virtually all of the writing software reviews from professional sites have been extremely positive in regard to Scrivener, so the childish threats of a narcissistic fantasist to deter prospective purchasers is, like your posts, rather silly. Glitches with online commerce are nothing new and are generally resolved in an amiable and satisfactory manner. Try chewing a piece of wood until your problem is resolved - it might just relieve the stress. I might add that I am just a satisfied customer, nothing to do with L&L, having a chuckle at your expense. Good luck with your Youtube; I couldn’t find it either.

I dont make threats Druid, I simply tell people exactly what I end up doing.

And because this L&L is in fact a small company, Id expect them to have their act together, and when they show they dont, the consumer is entitled to be made aware of their struggles to best decide if they want to gamble on such a company that cant seem to manage a reliable payment system or adequate customer support.

To you in this little speck of the world I might seem like a noob, but in the grand scheme of things I have influence over quite a few people who enjoy my product reviews, and writing insights. I intend to inform them and more of the scenario Ive faced despite how simple you try to make this out to be.

Any company wanting to expand their market should understand how word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool, especially in todays social media times. I will continue to spread my word now and after I am given my refund…that word being pass on scrivener until they get their act together,

Hey shash, I got something you can bite on.
Have your chuckle, but customer service or lack of is something that really makes or breaks a company.
In just the few hours since Ive tweeted and posted an initial article to my followers Ive received more than a few responses from people who were on the fence about Scrivener.

What good is a product that fails to provide proper customer service.
At very least, we apologize for your inconvenience, and we will look into the matter.
I have only received excuses from people in this forum not from the company itself, so clearly its not as simple as a billing concern.

You might be a very satisfied customer, but I know alot fo people that refuse to do business with company’s that wont provide adequate customer service. So say what you will, Im helping my audience learn from my ordeals.

Hello Ghost,
No thanks, I don’t like things that get stuck between my teeth, although only a little flossing would cure it. I think your audience is just in your head - but go ahead and talk to them.

Hey Pigfender, I tried sales email and Ive tried the technical support email address listed on the site.
why do you think Im so frustrated here?

I didnt get any type of response to 3 emails Ive already sent out.
That means one of two things…the company is ill equipped to handle a high volume of customer questions, or it suffers from too many issues to be able to handle all the support concerns of their patrons. Either way, that company shows themselves as not caring enough of customer support.

I dont know about the many people here, but when youre being paid for your work, time becomes money.
If I had all the time to wait around, then perhaps I might have the attitude of lets let this company go at their own pace and forgive them Sorry but that dont fly with me.

When someone finally sends me some type of communication representing the company, I will include that in my report, however long it may or may not take. And that will allow others to best judge if this is a company they want to invest their money with. I am simply here as a mirror, to reflect either good or bad the actions of this company and will allow others to use their best judgement when all things are considered.

Hey sash, Im going to take a guess and say youve never been paid for anything youve written.
Perhaps youve had a poem entered into a book the way my 7 year old niece has had one of hers.
Or perhaps youve self published on Amazon or with one of the silly companys that charges the writers a fee - you just seem like that type for your failure to understand that some of us actually earn a living with their writing. I can clearly see you dont my friend.

Hello ghost,
Your humour’s killing me. We could have a battle of wits, but I don’t like to fight an unarmed person. Just for fun, before these post are deleted, open your eyes - what do you see -your colon?

Sorry to hear about your frustrations. But perhaps you hadn’t noticed that the tiny Scrivener team is centered in Cornwall, UK, which for the past few weeks has been repeatedly hammered by the worst storms since record-keeping began in the 18th century: powerlines down, coastal houses destroyed, railway lines and roads out.

I’ve been using Scrivener since it came out as a beta in 2006, and in fact make my living with it. I’ve found the Scrivener team always concerned, competent, and up to the job–though the developer, Keith, hasn’t much patience with petulant hissy fits, having been a school teacher before Scrivener got big enough to support him and his family.

I suspect, as others have mentioned, an esellerate glitch that can be easily resolved, with a little patience. But expecting around-the-clock consumer service (posted, it appears, at 1am UK time on Saturday morning) in return for $40 seems a bit, I dunno, self-regarding?

FWIW, here’s yesterday’s warnings from the Falmouth UK Packet:

“There is still a severe flood warning in place for the South Cornwall coast, with flood warnings in place for the North Cornwall coast and Truro. Winds are still gusting at Force 8 to 9 and this is likely to continue over night and into the early hours of Saturday morning. They will then decrease during the rest of the day.”

Hi Theeghostwriter,

I have no way of checking your email address from your forum credentials, but judging by your tone and by some of the phrases that you use, I think I can match these posts with two email threads in our support system. We have already sent timely replies to both of these direct emails. I replied to the first email yesterday, and to a second email this morning.

Please check your spam folder, promotions folder and any other folder to which your email provider routes your email without your intervention. Please also check our support page at and my recent post on this forum at < about precautions that you need to take before contacting us, to ensure that you can receive our responses.

If you wish to PM me your name and email address, so that I can confirm that you are indeed the would-be customer who I think you are, then I can re-send our response to you by PM if you can’t retrieve it from your email provider. But I need to make sure that you are that same person before commenting specifically.

All the best,

Fellow crew members, I would like to propose that we invite Theghostwriter to walk the plank. Shall we have a vote on it?

Hey Curtis. Yeah, I can appreciate that it can be frustrating when anything gets in your way when you’re in the mood to get writing, and doubly so when you’re up against a deadline.

Hopefully you’ll be able to get everything sorted soon by following Astrid’s suggestions, and can take advantage of the advice provided above to keep you writing in the meantime.


Your product reviews sound wonderful – please could you give us a link to your site or channel so we can learn from them?

See, someone gets it. Pigfinder seems to understand the business we’re in, or most of you aim to be.

Fluff, how bout you walk out the door buddy boy.
You disagree with my post, or I offend your delicate online sensibilities theres other threads you should devote yourself to. You want to lynch me…go head, like I care what you or anyone on this forum thinks.
Guess which finger I have raised in your direction, cause I think youre ‘number 1’ to me chump.

Now bugger off.

Ive replied to Sirens response telling him I have yet to see anything in my inbox or spam box, as Ive been waiting to review the software firsthand for an article with a deadline.
Siren’s stated that prompt replies have already been sent. So I asked to have forwarded to me those initial replies with date and time stamps in their header.
that would completely disprove my belief that scrivener has terrible customer service, and would immediately withdraw my articles and video Ive already posted of my ordeal.

Now if they cant provide me with those, I will feel it a silly ploy to try to cover up this terrible customer service experience I feel I have been led on, and will report accordingly.
If Im wrong, Ill admit it to my audience and apologize. However, if for whatever reasoning I do not receive proof that emails were attempted in ‘a prompt’ manner like Siren stated, then this will not bode well in my further reviews of the application

Sure Brokster - Ill give it to you…its at “” dont forget the www at the beginning.
Like I want you and the other never will bes trolling me at my place of business…dumbass!

And no way, sash is still trying to beg for my attention.
I noticed he did the whole ‘in this battle of wits youre unarmed cliche’ on me, is that because he wasnt clever enough to think up his own words?

More than that lack of wit, I noticed he did nothing to dispel my assumption on him.
In the end say what you want, steal whatever one liners you want I get the last laugh.
I get a regular paycheck from my writing, where its obvious, you cant.

Now run along and hump somebody else’s leg for their attention.

[Original post deleted and replaced by pjs]

I did not write in answer to personal injury; no one had attacked or even mentioned me. And I did not write to defend Keith and his crew; they are more than capable of doing for themselves. I wrote in defense of this forum. Many of us have invested time and energy here. We feel a proprietary interest. So when a severe — and to my eyes, altogether outrageous — set of messages intrudes, we feel obliged to respond, not for ourselves, but for L&L itself.

However. Responding in kind to ill-natured comments is seldom appropriate and never fruitful. So I have deleted the entire post.

My only defense: Weekend guests had just left. They had brought with them, and helped finish, several bottles of an extraordinary Cabernet. Absent the wine, my original post might have been more decorous, more reasonable (dare I say more sober?). On the other hand, left to my own devices and Mother J’s magic elixir, it might have been less decorous, etc.