Italics lost when transferring from PC to iPad

I use Scrivener on my PC, and recently bought it on my iPad to edit on the go. But I noticed that words or phrases I put in italics while working on my PC are converted to normal text when I open the project on my iPad. I use Dropbox to transfer the project files as recommended.
If the word in italics is in the middle of a sentence, it stays that way. BUT - if it’s on its own new line/paragraph, the italics are lost, and don’t come back when I transfer it back to my PC.
I use italics to show thoughts, so this is something I use a lot, any suggestions?

I and others have experienced a similar interaction between Windows & iOS Scrivener. See this post for an explanation.

Does the font you’ve loaded on iOS include an italic style?


The font I’ve been using across both PC and my iPad is Georgia, and it does include an italic style

I seem to remember from quite a long time ago, there was a thread on a similar if not identical issue. I think the reason for this happening between Windows and iPadOS came down to the way fonts, particularly variants, are named in the two OSes, so the iPad may not recognise the italic variant as a result.

I can’t help more than that, being a Mac-user, and don’t have time to trawl through the history of this forum. But maybe someone else will remember and clarify.



Yes, this is another aspect of working cross-platform that I recall experiencing.

What I ultimately had to do was experiment with various fonts until I found a few that a) worked with italics on both platforms and b) I liked to write with. For example, Courier Prime.


Here’s one of the threads that discusses the cross-platform font naming problem. It goes into a lot of tech detail about this particular issue.

I’ve managed to solve this issue by editing font’s PostScript name using this python script.

In most cases you just have to remove -Regular suffix from a FontName-Regular name (fonts have multiple names for various purposes). Such ttf-files cause absolutely no issues on Windows and formatting becomes fully compatible with MacOS and iOS.

I believe that some editing of the python script itself is in order (because, technically, PostScript name without suffix is incorrect), but I don’t remember what exactly I had changed there.

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