I've discovered a bug that's rather annoying, and something else

The primary problem is with looking at the words counted. No matter how many ways I try, I can only see what is in the manuscript. Counting all documents doesn’t change this. Including all documents in the compile and using Count only documents marked for inclusion doesn’t change this.

Is there no longer a way to keep track of word count in other folders along as well as the manuscript folder? Has something changed so completely that I’m missing clues to how to do this?

Secondary, though something I’ve found ways to work with…While I love the Ocean theme, I am having a problem with certain things not being visible, however. The only areas where I’ve found this a problem:
–In Binder, the + beside folders is not visible. If I click where it should be, it works, though.
–In Statistics, the numbers are viewable but no words are. It means if I can’t remember what each number represents, I have to change the theme, exit the program, enter, look at the statistics, and then change the theme again, exit, and return to continue working.

Thank you.


You can ((?) Windows user, here) set the stats/selected documents’ options to count all documents + count subdocuments, then select the whole of your binder.
Or then look at the bottom of the consequent scrivening, if your folders are set to display childs and own content.

I’d take a clear screenshot and keep it close by. :wink:

I am just offering solutions. Not really addressing the “bug” nature of the question.

Where are you looking? Scrivener reports statistics in a number of different ways, each with its own options.

I am not sure what you are currently doing to gets statistics on areas outside of the draft, but the best tool for doing so is:

  1. In the binder, select the highest level folder(s) of the things you want to count.
  2. Use the Project ▸ Statistics... menu command and switch to the “Selected Documents” tab.

Review the settings in the “Options” tab that related to selected stats, as well, in case that doesn’t look right at first.

As for the Ocean theme aside; agreed. A number of the built-in themes have some pretty bad usability problems. Fortunately there are a number of good alternatives these days. There are even one or two that are similar to Ocean.