[JH] Not Responding

Whenever I launch the Scrivener Beta, it pops up the expiration notice, and 99% of the time, it stops responding. Sometimes it is fine after a few minutes, but usually it’s a looooong time before it’ll start responding. I’m talking like an hour or more.

I’ll close out and restart, and sometimes this helps, but most of the time it doesn’t.

Even then though, after it starts working, I will be in the middle of using it and it will stop responding.

Pretty much the only thing I’ve been able to accomplish is adding two templates. But I haven’t been able to do any actual work yet, just because I don’t have the time to sit around and wait for it to start responding.

I’m running it on Windows 10 64-bit.

The delay you’re seeing certainly isn’t normal or expected, and it may be from interaction with another application running. If you try rebooting Windows in Safe Mode with Networking, are you able to launch and use Scrivener normally? Is there any pattern to what you’re doing in the program when it stops responding?

Do you have the speech SDK installed? I didn’t, and it was doing the exact same thing for me.

I have similar response from ver. 2901
-Program starts, message box give dates that Beta is valid, click OK
-message box shows current path for storing files and asks to choose file location, this box disappears and program shuts down after about 3 seconds. If I immediately click ok the program moves on to the next screen similar to current version 197. It too disappears after about 3 seconds. If I immediately click on a template the screen advances as expected but it is impossible to type a name for the file before the screen vanishes and the program shuts down. It gives no report that it is shutting down but it vanishes from taskmaster.
Trying to open an existing file the following transpires: message box showing beta valid date, I must click on it immediately or program closes. If click immediately on valid date message box, get a message box to update file format, immediately do that then program actually opens but immediately shuts down. I am running the latest version of windows 10 on an HP desktop computer.

Fumio, your issue sounds a bit different than the OP’s. Could you try launching Scrivener by going into the installation directory and right-clicking the “ScrivenerLog.bat” file and choosing “Run as administrator”? Once Scrivener quits, refresh the installation directory and you should find a “log” folder; please attach the .log file within that here so we can take a look.

You might also try installing any missing text-to-speech voices for your system language, rebooting, and then launching Scrivener–there’s a catch in the current beta (hopefully fixed for the next beta) whereby missing voice files can cause a crash a few seconds in. This Microsoft article explains how to download and install voices for Windows.

Hello MM: Thanks for responding. Read the log file you asked me to create and it does indeed state no voice found for locale. Will follow the link you provided to Microsoft voices and let you know the outcome

Hello MM: followed Microsoft link and found that I do have voices installed and operational for the two languages on my computer: English-USA and English-Canada. Attaching log file as requested. Please note for what ever reason I was unable to attach the log file until I changed the extension from "log to “txt”.
Scrivener-20171215-144031871.txt (36.8 KB)

Thanks for sending that. The next beta should get Scrivener running even under this circumstance, but it’s odd that you’d be seeing the warning when the voices aren’t in fact missing. What locale is the Windows account set to?

Hello MM: My Region setting is Canada and language choice is English -Canada.

Sorry it took so long to reply.

There isn’t really any pattern that I’ve noticed. It happened whether it was the first program I tried to open ,the third, or whatever.

It does seem to be running better since the latest Windows update though!

Any idea when the next beta will be? I’m really sad to be saying goodbye to it today! :’(

2.902 was made available yesterday. Go to the “Announcements” at the top of this forum and use the download link.

Merry Christmas. :slight_smile: