Just checking [on better ways to create compile lists]

Just a quick check to ensure that I am missing something …

As my Scrivener->LuaLaTeX project compile+typesetting time on my M3 Mac is running at almost 30 minutes (5 to compile + 25 to typeset), I thought I’d check to see what my options are (for the nth time). I’m open for any ideas …

Yes, LaTeX has the include and input commands, which work great if you are working with straight LaTeX (w/o Scrivener), but as far as I can see, do not integrate well with Scrivener in that having separate .tex files for those segments of my code that I’m trying to skip doesn’t allow me to embrace my entire project for searches, etc. if I go with the LaTeX include and input commands.

More to the point of my question, Scrivener has a wonderful visual Toggle (to) include in Compile (in the lower-right corner of each display page,
as well as the individual check-boxes on the Compile for page)

that allows me to switch on or off the particular pages that I wish to include in my compile.

My challenge is that I have several hundreds of individual pages that I would like to have a bit more flexible control over as to which pages I’d like to include in my compiling + typesetting.

Enter a software option to flip the Toggle (to) include in Compile switch that I’d like to know if I am somehow missing as a feature available within Scrivener.

If such exists, I’d like to know how to access such a switch, and go on my merry way.

If not, I’ll have to do more searching in LaTeX to see what other options there are.

I’m also open to any other options others may have used to wrestle a beast of a Scrivener->(Lua)LaTeX project.

Thanks for reading,

P.S. Pardon my ignorance, but upon reflection and a bit of searching, I realize there is the filter option that is available on the Compile to screen that I need to investigate further.

Any suggestions as to how others may have implemented the existing filer options on the Compile to screen would be appreciated.

Looking back a few years at old postings by both:

brookter at Managing my list of sections to compile - #3 by brookter, and

myself (scrive) at Managing my list of sections to compile - #4 by scrive,

I realized the best way forward for my project was to create a new Custom Metadata label with a Checkbox in Project > Project Settings > Custom Metadata that I named Compiling (Testing) Core.

The Compiling (Testing) Core checkbox would then automatically appear in my Scrivener Inspector window.

Next, I sorted through my entire Scrivener->(Lua)LaTex project and checked off the Compiling (Testing) Core checkbox for all the Front Matter and Back Matter Items in my Scrivener->(Lua)LaTeX project that form the primary CORE Scrivener+(Lua)LaTeX code. There were almost a hundred Front Matter and Back Matter Items, but it only took minutes to complete, and will be a permanent addition to my overall Scrivener->(Lua)LaTeX project.

Next, I then went back to the one Scrivener Item I wanted to compile separately from the rest of my project and checked the Compiling (Testing) Core checkbox.

Lastly, I selected the Compile filter with the following options:

  • Compile: Included Documents,
  • Selected Apply filter:
  • Then Include, and
  • Compiling (Testing) Core, and
  • Yes

I then Compiled and Typeset my project, which took a little over 6-7 minutes, as opposed to the 30 minutes it took previously for the entire project.

I can now easily and quickly select any number of Items in my Scrivener->(Lua)LaTeX project to Compile and Typeset in just a few minutes.

The bonus of all this is that the .log file will be much shorter, helping to focus my efforts to sort through any warnings that may apply only to the Scrivener Items that I just compiled.

Let me know of there are any questions.

This was great! Thank you brookter!


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