Keep With Next problem

I notice that when I have an image followed by a one-line description of that image, I can’t always keep then together on the same page. The image and description are centered with first line indenting removed. The description is on the line that immediately follows the image. When I select the image and apply Keep With Next, and then export the document to PDF, I find the image and description might not stay on the same page.

I also don’t see a Keep Together formatting option. Am I missing something? I thought that might solve this, but couldn’t find it.

I should say that I’m using the new beta (build 16978). I don’t see a place in the Beta Testing to post this and am not even sure it wasn’t a problem with the official release anyway.


“Keep with Next” can be a little flaky (well, “flaky”, isn’t the right word; rather, “Try to Keep with Next” would be a better term for it, because there are edge cases where it will break), although I can’t reproduce it not working with an image. Could it be that you have several paragraphs set to “Keep with Next” so that they cannot all stay on the same page? Or is the image a little large with line spacing causing a gap above it? This should work…

There is no “Keep Together” feature. In general, for layout features such as these, it’s best to export to a word processor and handle this there, as Scrivener isn’t really built do do this sort of thing. “Keep with Next” is there mainly to allow screenwriters to keep character names together with dialogue.

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I thought that perhaps that image size was the problem, so went over to a page where I have a much smaller image and inserted enough carriage returns above it to see if I could force test Keep With Next. That too refused to honor the code – the label ended up on the next page.

I may just remove the labels, as they’re not all that important.

That’s still strange, as it should work. Could you possibly put together a small sample project showing the problem and send it to us at AT literatureandlatte DOT com? As I say, it works for all my tests, so I must be missing some factor.

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Check your email box.