Under what conditions does Keep With Next (KWN) work (Compile to PDF)?


  • I use Scrivener under Windows 10 (Home, 64-bit)
  • I can’t make Keep With Next (hereinafter also referred to as, “KWN”)work at all so far
  • I have referred to other questions (e.g. Keep with Next does not work - Please help, Keep With Next Problem, but remain perplexed and unsuccessful in the application of KWN
  • Checked the manual - see sects
    • 19.6 “Keep with next paragraph Strive to keep this element bound to the following paragraph in cases where the two might become separated by a page break.”
    • A.9 “Paragraph ▸ Keep with Next Inserts formatting on the current paragraph that will attempt to keep it glued with the next paragraph”
  • Noted I can also search for KWN (nice!) see sect 11.7
  • Tried to force KWN by
    • Removing named style from paragraphs, and add styling manually to a No Style paragraph, including KWN
  • Tried to “preview” KWN as suggested by @Vincent_Vincent in Show Keep With Next only to find that Page View is not enabled for Scrivenings of >1 document
  • Tried, unsuccessfully, to follow @MimeticMouton’s instructions in Keep with Next does not work - Please help – but think they don’t seem to apply to Scrivener 3 any more


  • The specific location of interest is near the TOP of a “Scene” document that appears near the BOTTOM according to the Compile setup when “Scenes” are concatenated with separators but without page breaks into “Chapters”
    • i.e. if I compile the Scene alone there is no natural page break between the paragraphs of interest


  • Under what conditions is KWN expected to work for Compile to PDF
  • To what extent does Scrivener “Strive to keep this element bound to the following paragraph”? i.e. when might it be expected not to work.
  • What do I need to do to have the best chance of KWN working

Thanks for bringing this up. Based on your description, the Keep With Next setting should be moving the indicated paragraph to the next page in compile, but it looks like the setting is being ignored in PDF/Print compile. It is, unfortunately, not the only bug we’ve run into with the page layout tool for those export formats, so on the whole I’d say you’d be better off for now compiling to a format like RTF or DOCX, which does currently support the KWN setting, and then saving to PDF from a word processor. (Or, if you move in the MMD/LaTeX/Pandoc crowd, you could handle conversion that way.)

Thanks for acknowledging a potential issue. I’m not publishing, so my PDF for beta readers is “good enough”, I just wanted to know, if I wanted to have more control, how best to approach it.

Recommendations noted! Thanks again.