Keywords for characters; concatenated searches; rel. clients

OK I think I must be being thick.

I have assigned kewords to characters who appear in a scene. I then want to find all the scenes with Character One in them. First off the outline view does not include a column for keywords - a complete PITA - secondly IF I select Character One in the Hud it lists the scene names in the binder colum but I cannot get that info to show anywhere else.

More importantly can searches be concatenated? - ie can I search for all scenes containing Character One and then search for the scenes that contain the word “dog” for example?

I can do all this with the evil rip off Word tool I think but I really don’t want to use that as a) this is prettier and b) I like the community here.

Finally does Lee do release clients for the Betas? Just asking as there was talk of a Save bug and that has me cacking my pretty pink panties.

Please don’t let my grumbling put anyone off. I think this is a great effort but I am an arse and get upset when I cannot do what I feel I need to do - like being able to really tool around inside my copy.



Yup. And you do that with Collections since whenever you save a search, you have the option of saving it as a collection. I’ll include the link I found to an article on how to do it with Mac’s Scrivener, but it works just the same in the windows version. You just have to go back to the search bar and hit save search, give it a name, and viola. Hope this helps. Here’s the link:

Steve, thought you might be interested in how I use keywords for characters, and a problem with searching. Look at my reply in this post about keywords:

Also, I just discovered something cool about keywords. I’m tagging a bunch of scenes that all have certain keywords because they’re related. I was going into each scene and dragging over my character keyword, then the location keyword, and then the plot keyword, when I wondered if I could multi-select keywords. Using Ctrl, I did. Cool!