Keywords pallette in full-screen mode

Wasn’t quite sure if this is a bug.

When I enter full-screen mode and open up my keywords pallette it doesn’t disappear when I exit full-screen mode; it stays as a floating pallette.



I am pretty sure that is intentional. The Keywords HUD can be opened at any time of course, so it would be logical to not change the state of it when switching between full screen and standard mode. Inspector HUD, on the other hand, has no purpose outside of full screen, so it goes away.

Thanks, AmberV.

It just seemed a little weird from a visual viewpoint because in the full-screen mode the keyword pallette is black-charcoal, but when exiting it’s still floating and then I see my keyword list in the inspector at the bottom right. Do these serve different purposes?

Thanks again.

Ah, yes. I see the source of your confusion. Have a look in the FAQ, where there is a section on the differences between the HUD and the keyword lists. It is titled, “What is the Keywords HUD for, and how does it work?” In short: These two lists are very different, and that is why they behave differently. If you open up the Notes HUD in full screen, you’ll see a list below the Notes area; that is a keyword list. It is document specific. The Keywords HUD on the other hand, is a repository for all keywords in the project (which may or may not be in active use). The specifics of how to use these two HUDS, and how to use the Keywords HUD in the standard interface, are detailed in the FAQ. Hope that helps make sense of the thing. :slight_smile:

Thanks, AmberV… that clears it up. :slight_smile: