L&L Cabin thread...or something like it

So we tried to start an L&L-derived cabin on the official Camp NaNo page, but keep getting thwarted by the sorting algorithm. I propose we say “screw it” on getting one through their site and use this, instead.

Less BS! More booze! (Or whatever drink you may choose.)

I have just been looking at the Camp NaNoWriMo site, thinking that I need a bit of a kick into getting some words down on paper (well, pixels), but I am irritated beyond belief by various aspects of the website. Not having done Camp NaNoWriMo before, I have no idea what to expect from this whole “cabin” thing, and the website is strangely uninformative. It won’t let me specify my age as “too old to count”, saying that I have to give a number between 13 and 130. And it says “You haven’t created a novel”, which is very annoying, because I was perfectly aware of that depressing fact. :wink:

So, assuming that a cabin is just a group of nice people, chivvying each other along and sharing their trials and tribulations (possibly consuming a lot of espresso and other beverages), and assuming that you don’t mind having a very grumpy person typing away next to you, can I join you in here, please, garpu? :slight_smile:

could we not do something here after all look how popular the novel in a day is where we all take part, maybe a month of us chivvying each other along here would get words on scrivener :smiley: :smiley:

The more the merrier! :slight_smile:

Aboard Srivener!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Aagghhrrrrrrrr…ahhahahahah!!
Good Luck anyway!! :wink:

I don’t understand why cabin creation is so wonky. But oh well. Huzzah forum thread!

If I can motivate myself to write this damned story, then I’ll be in. Or maybe being in will motivate me to write the damned story. :confused:

That’s my reasoning. Mind you, I can’t remember what my story was going to be. It seemed like a good idea, the day before yesterday, but now I look at the sketchy notes that I made, and it doesn’t seem as though there is an idea there at all.

I’m operating under the latter. Peer pressure, yay!

I have this one story, see, and I’ve hacked away at it for months now, and every so often I print it out, sit down with a glass of… well, never mind, I sit down and read through the latest draft and say to myself, in all candor, that if I could only justify the backstory and keep track of weather and describe the two main characters and clarify their motives and fill a gaping hole or two in the narrative arc, it would really be pretty good.

I mean, the dialogue is OK.

So, ignoring the obligations of grumpy old men (mea culpa, Vic) I admit the idea sounds good.


That’s OK…I have a pile of books for research. I have a setting. I have a rough idea of a plot. But that’s about it. I’m thinking of basing the main character off my nieces, because I think their healthy skepticism of all things over the age of 30 would serve the main character well.

I had an idea once. Then I sat staring at the screen. A flurry of activity and I had micro controller code to replace the instrument cluster of ODBII based ECUs in vehicles. The idea is in there some where, but I think I’ll need to find my head first. That will be the most difficult part for me.

I’m using Camp NaNoWriMo to kick my butt and get back into writing my Nano story from last year. I’ve recently bought Scapple, and I’m hoping that with Scrivener is going to help me continue a story I’m actually enjoying. I just wish I had dedicated more time to learning how to utilise all features of Scrivener…


Welcome! There are a lot of clever people here. (And Scapple looks cool. Not ported to Windows/Linux yet.)

I’ve finally gotten under way. My goal is modest for the month: 15,000 words. It’s a short story set on a space station. Can’t imagine where I got that idea from. :stuck_out_tongue:

Augh. Mom of my fiance is in town. So writing time is limited. :frowning:

So, how’s it going, fellow Campers? My aim for the month is to get properly underway with a new novel, so I’m not intending having 50k works of cohesive words by the end of July – just the fleshed-out concept, plot skeleton, characterisation and maybe 20k or so of isolated scenes. So far, I’m pleased with progress, and I have got three lovely Scapple boards, which is proving useful to me in a way that I didn’t expect. Two of these are concept boards, one for each of the themes/threads I want to write about, and the third is a plot board, in which an overall layout or plan is gradually evolving (and constantly being changed).

I’ve restarted several times, because my initial ideas went walkabout and planted the plot firmly and inextricably in an environment and part of the country about which I know nothing and which I don’t want to write about. Sadly, this renders irrelevant some of the scenes I have written already, but I suppose it’s all good practice! :slight_smile:

Hope you’re all getting on well, and (most of all) enjoying it!

Sounds a lot like life, Mistress Astrid (human life, obviously).
Good Luck

Mom of my fiance is in town, so I haven’t had much time. I have a hell of a time thinking up place names, so that’s my area of procrastination, when I do have time. :confused:

I’ve been ill the last several days, so not much progress has been made. I’m taking a brief pause to examine the emerging structure of my plots, because the story is beginning to fall victim to my typical first draft aimless flailing about. Maybe if I figure out what’s missing, I’ll be able to overcome the lethargy of the post-summer-cold I’m experiencing now.