Laggy scrolling

Same problem here, after a clean install of my Mac with Sonoma and the latest Scrivener (3.3.6 Build 16305). Simple documents with only text, but extremely laggy scrolling, especially when changing scrolling direction (ie I’m scrolling down and want to scroll back up, but there’s a delay between the two movements). Not an issue in other applications such as safari etc. I’m using zoom 125%, but the problem persists when I switch to Zoom 100%.

see Typing/pinwheel lag, narrowed down to possible website running in background/cache? - #2 by Kevitec57

you have some of these web pages in your References?

Same lagging problem with two-finger magic trackpad scrolling on a 16" Macbook Pro M1 Max running Sonoma 14.3.1. Scrivener 3.3.6 (16304)

Mm, I didn’t think it would happen to me too. Unfortunately, I’ve been having the same experience for a few days now. But it also affects apps other than Scrivener. Which could mean that it’s not a Scrivener problem. So far the only way to fix the problem is to restart an app (not Scrivener). But I don’t understand where the connection is supposed to be.

Thanks for noting your solve (and for posting this issue), because I tried everything you did except for installing the prior version of Scrivener.

I’ve got a little extra info about this problem, at least as I’m experiencing it. It seems to be related to the scroll animation as implemented in Scrivener in conjunction with Sonoma. Note that I’m using two-finger scrolling on a MacBook Pro.

When I maintain contact with two-fingers on the trackpad, I can scroll up and down normally in Scrivener, and the application responds normally and immediately. I can even wiggle the scroll up and down, and everything responds fine. If I scroll by swiping two fingers up or down the trackpad, I get a scroll animation, which is also normal.

So far, so good.

The problem comes in when you try to scroll while a scroll animation is still in effect. Scroll animations in Scrivener on Sonoma at present apparently cannot be interrupted by new scroll input. Normally, if you “toss a page” up or down with a scroll swipe, that animation stops as soon as a new scroll input is received. But in the current version of Scrivener on Sonoma, you can’t increase, stop, or reverse a scroll animation once it’s in motion. The animation plays out completely, and then the next scroll input received triggers a new animation which plays out completely, and so on.

And that’s the problem.

New scroll input no longer causes scroll animation to exit. Instead, scroll input is being stored in an array and retrieved in queue order with each scroll animation playing out fully. Which makes navigating really annoying.

Anyway, hopefully Literature and Late with correct this with an update soon. Cheers!

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Oh, this doesn’t appear to affect fullscreen Composition Mode. FYI.

Thank you for testing this and noting what you’ve found, punkrot. Those details are helpful.