largest file compile to .modi

I’ve got a 29MB plain text file imported to Scrivener to 29 million characters, I’ve had it compiling out to .mobi for about 5 hours.

It this going to work if I just have patience? or is it too big?

I would try splitting it into smaller components to see if partial compiles work successfully.

There are fewer than 4 million characters in the complete works of Shakespeare. 29 million plain text characters is pretty huge.


but the book is 29m characters long.

still spooling after 7 hours…

Right. But a partial compile will help determine whether there’s an actual problem with the file, or it’s simply too huge for the .mobi converter to process. You could also try compiling to .rtf format, for the same reason.


That’s equivalent in terms of size, to 9.3 volumes of War and Peace

Don’t go to print version. Someone drops it, it could shatter their feet!

What’s it about?

Already have, it’s 15.5k A4 pages, double sided.

its in the ‘middle’ of doing it at nine+ hours so was more interested if someone knew if this was too big rather than force quitting it, and…

Doesn’t work compiling direct to .mobi

Took all of 5 mins to HTML then I used an online convertor to add the mobi container.

Job done.

Just goes t’ show that life really is one long learning curve … dunit?

manifestly imperious

…but true … init? :confused:

The statement is true independently of the context in which you meant it.

… but bear in mind, that I did bow to the superior intellect, when I sought your affirmation as to the proposition’s veracity: