Last line down arrow acts as END

When I’m on the last line of the document, I would like it if hitting the down arrow sent the cursor to the end of the line.

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Yes, if we’re on the last line of text in the editor, take us to the end of that line when we use the down arrow.

This would be great. I habitually do it all the time because that’s what happens in most applications, including this forum! :smiley:

fyi, the mac version does this.

This is likely a basic Mac OS text system behavior (I tested it with Text Edit), whereas on Windows, the behavior is to not move the cursor to the end of the line. It appears that even MS Word doesn’t take you to the end of the line when you down-arrow while on the last line of a document.

As with a lot of these little behaviors, “the Mac version does this” has nothing to do with what the Scrivener programmers decided to do, and instead is just how the building blocks of the UI design libraries behave.

Not to discourage the request in any way, but I just wanted to point out that there are always going to be little differences like this, due to either how Windows does things vs Mac OS, or due to what the development libraries do for the programmers on their respective OSs.

But maybe it’s an easy tweak to the code…

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Thanks for pointing this out. It’s interesting, because there IS (or was) some fundamental difference that I was bothered by when I jumped from Word to Scrivener, but I guess this just seemed like it. Now I wonder what I used to do in Word that I wanted in Scrivener.

There was something in Word that allowed me to easily jump from editing an earlier paragraph directly to the end of the line in the last paragraph, so I can continue writing or hit return for a new paragraph. That same thing didn’t work in Scrivener.

After trying between Scrivener and Word just now, I think it MIGHT have been PG DN (on my laptop it’s FN+Down Arrow Key). In Word PG DN takes you to the end of the last line of the document, but in Scrivener for Windows takes you to the last line, but in the same horizontal curson position you were in up above.

I guess I’ve trained myself away from whatever it was, but that might have been it.

In case this post is easier to find, all four buttons please: Intuitive Up/Down Key Responses

Not sure what the rules are for bumping as I haven’t checked in on this thread in quite some time, however I would really appreciate a response or more people in support of this very minor feature change. It would be a great help.

You can ask, but for the most part these days, we only find out if they’re implementing a request when it comes out at some point. L&L’s official policy is that they do not comment on future release or timeframes. The most acknowledgement you might get is acknowledgement of whether it is a bug or not; if it is considered a bug, it is being tracked but we are not told where it is in the priority queue.


Thanks for the insight. What would be fantastic is just a toggle option for enabling this functionality. Down arrow acting as end when there’s no more lines below the cursor is a very common ergonomic feature that some word processors have been doing away with and it’s very aggravating.

Deciding to necro this thread in the hopes we either get more people who would like to see the down arrow end functionality and that incentivizes L&L to implement or at the very least a response if they do not intend to include it. Policy be damned.

Also, if the Mac version does this, why would it not happen in Windows? there are plenty of programs that do this so it’s not something windows is incapable of… I would hope that the Mac and Windows versions of this software would be as close to identical as possible, at least on the functionality side of things.

As noted earlier in the thread, many of these differences are attributable to the development tools available on the two platforms.

I appreciate the response. hopefully it’s something that can be remedied.

This reply is not meant to be demanding, but meant to be sharing acceptable workaround. (at least that’s acceptable to me)

I have been suffered by this behaviour. I recently found out that Shift + down works as we expect. So when in need to go to end of line, Use shift + down then press right once. That’s easy keystroke for me, at least easier that pressing END.

Or leave an empty line at last of the document, press down however many time, then press left once.

To whoever find this thread like me, I wish your pain is relieved.


I wonder what’s going on that would have adding shift make down/up work differently. With that in mind, another hack is ctrl+A and then left/right to get to the very first/last spot