Last page missing in compile!

The very last page of my manuscript is not included in the compiled PDF. The final scene is chopped at the end of the next to the last page. Help!

Just an idea : what if you add an extra blank page (in its own binder’s document) after you last scene ?
Perhaps your PDF will be missing that blank page instead ?

It looks like an issue I use to have when compiling for print (Windows version): I would systematically have missing pages.
(I now compile to another format, then print, instead.)

I just tried that, which almost works. It places a scene divider before the blank page, which is incorrect.

What if you add a page break plus an empty line at the end of your last scene instead ?

Or a couple of carriage returns. (Enough so that there is an extra page to your scene - I’m sure you get the idea.)

Adding no amount of texts helps. Adding a page break helps, but it adds a blank page to my PDF, which I must manually delete.
This is a HORRIBLE bug. I submitted my book to contests missing most of the final scene!

Sorry to hear that :frowning:

Did you try adding carriage returns ? – Instead of the page break.

yup. that didn’t work either.

Very very weird.
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At least, now you have your full manuscript.
I’m sure if you explain the situation, you’ll be able to resubmit and replace your incomplete version.

Looks like this bug was first reported a year ago:

Do you get that ?
. . . . . . .
(But that is a windows version bug. Not sure on second thoughts it applies to you.)

As for the bug itself (because we’ve only been trying to find a way around it), it’d be useful to the developers if you could give as much details as possible. Everything and anything by close or by far related to the project that won’t compile properly.
How many pages is the compiled PDF ?
Word count.
How many documents in the draft.
Compile settings.
etc etc

The mac version doesn’t have a % done progress bar, but that user and I are both missing the last page.

260 pages. 46k words. Developers are welcome to contact me.

Send the project, or a stripped down version that still exhibits the bug.

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That would be a bit premature.
First, just contact them (Bug Reporting) with as much details on your issue as possible.
If they ask for the project (which they most probably will) they will, tho, provide you first with a procedure to make your copyrighted material unreadable.

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Maybe it’s premature, but it’s an old bug, and Literature & Latte needs examples of it.

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That’s great advice, thanks! I’ve emailed them.

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I am sure you can easily understand how one could be uncomfortable with sharing an unscrambled version of the project he/she worked on for so long with complete strangers…

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Thanks all! I’ve submitted a bug report.