Latest Linux deb or tar

Hello! Could someone please post the link to the most recent deb or tar? It seems there is no single page where these are listed…


See the post at: Beta 101 DEB NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD

As for the upcoming one, Lee is hard at work on it, and that’s probably all I should say for now, except that it’s already much better than the packages I was building (thank the gods), and that considering where it’s at right now, I feel confident in predicting that we shouldn’t see a gap.

Great, really looking forward to it because at the moment Scrivener’s Wine fonts are forcing me to boot back into Windows everytime :neutral_face:

Huh? Is the Linux native version not working for you at all? I use it almost exclusively.

There’s a way to correct the fonts. Also upping the dpi in winecfg can help, too. I think mine’s set to 99 or 100.