Since I haven’t had a chance to get up a new thread with changes listed (which may take a little time before I can compile that, as I don’t have a full list from Lee yet either), for now just continue adding to the end of the 024 list, but indicate in the post that the bug is for 025. As before, if you could create a new topic for the bug report itself, and then just post a link to that at the end of the Known Bugs list, that would be easiest for keeping things organized.

For now, the initial post in the 024 Known Bugs list does mark at least some of the fixed bugs. If your bug report–such as the double past from Chrome–is on that list and not marked fixed, you don’t need to report it again. If you don’t see it there, or if it’s marked fixed but you’re still getting the issue, then please post and let me know so I can make sure we follow up on it.

As before, there are other bugs that Lee and I have on the list that I haven’t yet gotten up there, ergh. If you’ve seen other posts about the bug, even if it’s not listed, I’ve probably already gotten it, but feel free to post a link to that thread just to make sure, and of course additional information is always helpful. I’ll attempt to get up an updated known bugs list for 025 as well as a list of changes once I’ve got that information from Lee and have been able to mark off the fixes from the earlier list.

Thanks for your patience!

(And of course if you all want to start a new thread of “New Fun Features/Fixes We Discovered” by all means go ahead. :wink:)