[LH#3469] Beta 12: new spelling check strangeness

I use Endnote for my references by putting temporary citation markers into my text and then formatting the bibliography and footnotes in Word once all the writing and revising has been done in Scrivener. As a result, my documents are full of codes like this <Bowler, 2009 #2188@173–177> Until yesterday. Scrivener was ignoring them, but today (having just installed Beta 12) it’s marking every single one as a spelling mistake (red squiggles). The normal “ignore spelling” option doesn’t work, because the numbers after the @ sign are the cited page/pages and are unique to each instance.

I assume that up to Beta 11, Scrivener was ignoring “words” with no alphabetic characters in them; please restore this option, asap!

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After a couple of experiments, it seems that it is only the @ and & symbols that trigger this (punctuation, such as # or % does not), so I presume that one of the changes referred to in the release notes ("Fixed Various spelling check bugs and defaults [#3292]) means that Scrivener now treats any series of characters that includes at least one “alphabetic” character (includigng @ and &) as a “word”.

Please may I suggest that a spelling-check option to “ignore words that contain numbers in them” would solve this? That would also solve much more common cases, such as “1930s” or pre-decimal UK currencey (15s and 6d, etc.)

(And, if possible, an option to “ignore words in UPPERCASE” would also be very useful!)

Many thanks, Jim

FWIW, it now also flags times (10:21:03 for example) as misspelled. I’m also seeing the behavior with the references from Zotero flagged for being misspelled. +1 for the “ignore numbers with letters” option for spell check.

Minor update to my earlier post: I just noticed that numbers that include the cent symbol (e.g. 12¢) are flagged as mistakes (at least with the UK English spelling dictionary) while $12 and £15 are not. So it seems that ¢ is another non-alphabetic character being incorrectly flagged as alphabetic, but given how many different currency symbols there are, the option to simply ignore words with numerals in would seem the simplest solution.

it is possible to download beta 12 on windows 7 ???

Your question doesn’t seem to belong in this thread, but according to the release notes [url]Scrivener 3.0 Beta - Release Candidate 10 (Download Links & Change List)], Scrivener 3.0 is compatible with all versions of Windows from 7 onward, so you should be fine.

Beta 13 update

None of the reported problems in this thread have been fixed. e.g. any numerals with alphabetic or puncuation characters are still flagged as mis-spelt, but (as previously noted), it’s really inconsistent, so (for example) withe UK spelling dictionary $12 is recognised as correct, but 12¢ is underlined in red as a mistake (!)

I realise this wasn’t reported as a fixed bug, but please could someone let me know if these issues are on the list for a future fix?

Many thanks.

Of course not everything can be priority, but to me the spelling error flag on 5:28 pm, introduced in Beta 12, should not have made it into Beta 13.

Rgds - Jerome

I agree, but hte issue is that the colon is being treated as an alphabetic character, so any sequence of numbers with a colon (or any other character that Scrivener treats as a letter, instead of a symbol) is flagged. If you type a mathematical ratio, for example, such as 2:1 it will be red-squiggled.

This has been improved and will be available in the next update.

All these seem to be fixed in Beta 15; many thanks!

The one thing that I would still like (but I realise that this is not really a bug) is to exclude words with numbers. At present Scrivener (correctly) ignores 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc., but p.251 is flagged as mis-spelt. Given the number of possible abbreviations of this kind that might be used, I don’t expect the Scrivener dictionary could ever cover them all, but the option to ignore any word with numerals in it would be very much appreciated.

And being able to ignore any word in ALL CAPS, would also be great. Every single name in my bibliography (over 500 items!) has the author’s inititials marked as a spelling mistake, and I really would like not to have to add each different combo to the dictionary.

There is a new option added “Ignore words with numbers” in the Corrections section.

I finally got a free day to do some writing and have been able to test this. Works beautifully. Many thanks.