[LH4570] Problem opening multiple files in RC6

So I often have multiple scrivener projects open at the same time in two different instances of Scrivener. I do this one of two ways. If both have been open, a right click brings up the context menu. I can make the selection from the context menu for the first project. After the project opens, I can right click on the context menu to open the second project.

The second way is to open the first project and go to file -> open to open the second project.

Both of these have stopped working in the RC6 build. Either method does not open the second project.

I’m not seeing this issue with the non-HighDPI version here at work. I’m able to open multiple projects in both methods you mentioned.

I’m experiencing a similar issue with Release Candidate 6.

Opening a Scrivener project from the Windows folder inspector: the first one will open with no issues. Attempting to open a different project will result in the first project flashing orange in the taskbar, but the second project won’t open.

Opening a second Scrivener project from the file menu: this works for me, both file->open and file->recent projects.

I didn’t see this behavior in Release Candidate 5.

Thanks, I am able to reproduce the issue of not being able to open a second project externally; File > Open, File > Recent Projects, and Open via the New Project window are all still working in my setup, but I’ve made a note of it in the ticket.

JRnack, did you do a fresh installation of the RC6 beta, uninstalling the previous, or did you use the automatic update feature? Is Scrivener installed to the default location in C:\Program Files?

Just an FYI. I am also seeing the “not opening” from the Windows file explorer method now. Don’t know what changed between yesterday and today other than a reboot last night. Internal methods work fine still. FWIW, I did an in-place update using the downloaded rc6 non-HighDPI installer here at work. On my Surface Pro at home, it was the full uninstall re-install method of the HighDPI version and it too doesn’t open using the outside method.

Here’s maybe a further clue.

  • I tried multiple projects, one after another - at first seemed to sork
  • but on the third one, I got a strange flash-up alert that disappeared, actually in two steps:
    = something about … Targets Timeout
    = then similar … Targets Timeouts Resetting

No. I did not uninstall scrivener before I installed RC6. So perhaps if I uninstalled and reinstalled there would be different behavior.

Here’s what I did.

  1. Had RC5 64 bit installed.
  2. Installed RC6 HiDPI 64 bit. couldn’t get rid of the extra vertical space in the toolbars,
  3. Downloaded the non-HiDPI 64 bit RC6.
  4. Installed that over the HiDPI version.

I have been able to open a second project with the file->open and the recent projects methods. Not sure why that was not working yesterday, but a restart on a new day seemed to fix it.

The issue preventing opening a second project from File Explorer or the task bar has been found and fixed for the next update, but the changes that caused it shouldn’t have affected using internal methods like File > Open. I’m not sure what might’ve prevented that, but I’m glad to hear it’s working again for you, Jrnack.

@narrsd, take a look at this thread: [url=https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/beta-43-session-count-timeout/49282/1]