Line braeak problem for korean word (ICU 73.1 maybe)

pls help this problem.

In korean word, the writing system is optimized for word unit-line breaking .
This means. for example.

war never chages, war never

Like this.

If the word is breaked because line is done, in english thats weird the word is broken.
But in korean word(maybe chines or japnese. the asian word system) that is more weird.

So many programs, like ‘ms word’ support this line changing systems for asian culture.

but i can’t find this support for scrivener.
I saw the patch note about the ICU73.1, but notthing changes.
Even can’t find where the option is.

scrivener is good program. but only for this problem, i can’t use this word application for my writing. because readers feel my writing is ‘cracked’.

I convince this is important problem.

i heard this problem is not happen for legacy version(likje 1 or 2)
but i bought 3. and it makes me feel distraced.

I’m seriously considering using another program.
Only because of this problem.

pls help me.
If this program support about this, tell me how chage this option.

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war never chag

its more comportable in asian word.

because in asian cultue, each latter have the meaning.
so all word is the combination of the meaning.