Linguistic Focus has gone missing in my Writing Tools

I hope this isn’t too much trouble to ask, but at one time, when I had the trial version of Scrivener Version 3 Windows , I was able to use the Linguistic Focus which I found in my edit drop down menu > Writing Tools. It simply isn’t there anymore. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it and still I don’t have the option of using the Linguistic Focus. The option is not there. Is there a patch I can download or if anyone else is experiencing this…please let me know.

Hi Lululeesa,
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It is actually named “Dialogue Focus”.
You are looking for it in the right place.

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Oh, okay, thank you but I don’t see an option there to look for adverbs or adjectives, etc. The only option it gives me is “Dialog Focus.” It says: Focus : “Non” or “Direct Speech” no other options. I purposely wrote a paragraph that contained an ungodly amount of adverbs, but still, no option was given in the Dialogue Focus. I apologize in advance for being naïve with this program-- I am only a beginner, but could you suggest an example that I could use the feature?

The dialogue focus is only to make dialogue stand out. Not the same thing.

That feature you are looking for, first time I hear about it.
I don’t think it even ever existed.

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Actually, someone just told me that the Linguistic Focus is not an option for the Windows platform. :smiling_face_with_tear: well, at least I don’t have to drive myself crazy any longer looking for it. Although that feature would be marvelous to use. I was told it is only for Mac.

You could use a third party app.
I use Antidote for things like this.

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Thank you. Exactly what I was thinking I will have to do. I appreciate you getting back to me

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The reason is quite simple: Linguistic Focus on the Mac is provided by the operating system. It is not provided by either Windows or Qt it seems, and it is too much for Scrivener’s (two) devs to program that whole system themselves.

They have programmed Dialog focus—which is also provided by MacOS, but not by Windows/Qt.




Thank you so much for explaining that. I wish they had it for Windows also, such a great feature when drafting. However, I do like the dialog focus option.

IMO it is already great that there is a Windows version, period.

I think that those features are only missed when you come from Mac to work with the Windows version.
Never having used them before, you kind of don’t miss them at all.
You just do things some other way.
By my experience, the least.


In fact, I think that even this function is only useful in English. For those of us who write in other languages, there is not yet a powerful tool at that linguistic level. I would have to check the MacOS version to see for myself.


I have to agree with you on that. I can’t possibly miss it because I never worked with it. It is a great program though, far better than MS Word. I am enjoying it. It certainly keeps me organized.