Scrivener 3 and Antidote

Now that Scrivener 3 for Windows is released, can we expect compatibility with Antidote in the near future?
This is a recurring request among Scrivener users, and this point remains a fundamental difference between the Mac OS and Windows versions.
Thank you for your forthcoming answers.

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I wish to know this too. I’ve been waiting for Scrivener 3 for 2+ years and one of the major things I was expecting from this is precisely to have Antidote working with it! I was told years ago that Mac users can link these softwares together.

Please, make this work! It’s really a pain to constantly be switching softwares to be able to have proper corrections software working. Antidote is THE correction/dictionary for the francophone community.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Looking at Antidote 10’s website and documentation, it looks like the way it achieves this “integration” is through general system-level Accessibility APIs and services provided by MacOS, not through any specific work that L&L has done with Scrivener or that the Druide has done with Antidote 10. They didn’t write a specific agent or connector for Scrivener, and Scrivener (as far as I know) hasn’t made any special accommodations. It uses standard MacOS API calls, and because Apple makes the Availability API available now, once you give permission for Antidote to use that API, it can hook in to any program that uses the standard TextKit APIs (like Scrivener and other editors.)

This is a level of integration that depends on the operating system, and I’m not sure that Windows has anything like it yet.

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Windows has a ton of standard libraries, including for handling text etc. My company’s developers use them all the time. But key to this discussion is that Scrivener for Windows was not written on a the standard Windows .NET libraries etc. that might have provided this, it was written on cross OS capable QT platform. Do they pass through or support the same hooks won would see used in an office app. Who knows."cute")%20is%20a%20free%20and%20open-source,change%20in%20the%20underlying%20codebase%20while%20still%20

I have purchases a life time license to ProWrittingAid because it is Scrivener compatible. It opens my files, shows my folder structure and allows me to do advanced proofing using their tools. I have been using through out the Beta with no issue. That might offer an alternative.

Thank you for this :slight_smile:
But the issue here is with Windows… :cry:
Looking on the Antidote page, you can see that it’s compatible with Scrivener 3.0 for Mac, but NOT for Windows… We thought that with the brand new Scrivener 3.0 for Windows, that would be included… Thus our request to make this happen with Windows :slight_smile:

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Yes, that’s my point. It doesn’t look like L&L or Druide did anything special on the Mac version to get this compatibility; they inherit it through the system hooks the base MacOS operating system provides.

The Windows operating system doesn’t offer the same level of services that applications can inherit, and the situation is complicated further by the fact that Scrivener for Windows does not use native Windows development APIs and framework, but instead is written on top of the Qt framework (which provides, among other things, a much more robust text-handling system than Windows natively provides, and is essential for providing base Scrivener functionality.)

I think the impetus here is on Druide to provide better integration with Qt-developed apps…

Have you shared this request with the Antidote team? It’s their code, so it’s their responsibility to make any necessary changes.


I just sent the request on their side too. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the suggestion.
We’ll make this work! :mrgreen:

So, I’ve got an answer this morning from Antidote team, saying they are noting the suggestion, but to also communicate with Scrivener team, to signify my interest to see Antidode integrated to Scrivener.

So done and done :smiley:

And this afternoon, I have a message saying that the ticket is “resolved” (meaning “closed” I guess)…
So… no promises on their part here, else than “noted” :confused:

I invite anyone who wishes to see Antidote compatible with Scrivener 3 for windows, to also ask Antidote team.
They won’t do anything if they don’t feel enough infatuation… The more they see that people want this, the best chances this will happen. :wink:

Good morning DemieLune and others :

i want to share my opinion about that, and this is wired that they closed your ticket, because no, is not resolved …

So i hope it will help :slight_smile:

Have a nice day.

Yes, please ! (!!!)
This is a must… (Especially since the available french dictionary for Scrivener is missing too many words, and often see’s a misspelling when there is a truncated word (which is common practice in french).

Hello kewms from scrivener, so what’s up ?

i bought again the scrivener 3 and no change no integrated scrivener ? ? (verry high the price)

look, this dictionnary you told about last time, is creepy no real change, just worse and worse …

fool of no real good correction with english and french user, what a mess

we are now 10000 to ask about a real change to scrivener.

you have no more excuses about this…

we need a plugin for antidot, fluent and compatible windows 10 and soon 11 !!!

or else we will all return back to microsoft word for windows geek users, or word perfect.

I will never bought a mac book , if it’s the only answer you have…

Have a nice day.

This question should be directed to Antidote. We have no ability to change their code.

good day !

Ok, so what language code do you use ?

what kind of api must i ask the antidote team ?

We do not publish an API. Ask them what they did with Antidote for Mac.

There is no separate API, as has been documented, and the developer’s last words on it that I can find are that L&L have no resources or plans to develop such an API:

API to enable plugins like Zotero - Scrivener / Wish List - Literature & Latte Forums (

Kewms what do you mean by what they do ?

could more precise please… so i can be more precise with the team from antidote.

what do you need to make it work?

ok no separate api , but where come from the connector than , a connector is an api …

how antidote can know the source code for working in mac ? did you give them ?

what part of code deffer from windows to mac version ?

Make it public this part of code on github or gitlab so we can give positiv answer to public for windows users, if you can not coding this .

KB please make it public the mac version source code, so we can know the trouble, and working with you to make it done.

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Scrivener is not an open source product and we do not anticipate publishing any part of the source code.

We do publish the project format for interested parties. The Antidote team can request it by contacting us here:

I’m not sure what this line of questions is attempting to accomplish. If Antidote users want better Scrivener integration, they should contact Antidote. If Antidote finds that better integration makes good business sense, I’m sure they are quite capable of either contacting us or figuring out how to do it themselves.

As I understand it, the integration between Scrivener and Antidote on the Mac platform appears to be a little better solely because it can make use of base-level integration routines that are built into the OS and development frameworks – not because of anything special L&L or Antidote has done.

The entire thing. They’re written for completely different operating systems, using completely different development frameworks. As far as I know, the WIndows version is completely separate effort with little to no shared code.